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Check your new phone for pics already taken

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by PNutts, Jun 20, 2010.

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    If I remember correctly a previous release had some factory photos in it. Heck, this time you might get a HD video!
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    I hope they are hotties
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    hope they are hotties too. i have a thing for asian female factory workers
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    I hope I don't get a picture of one of the dead ones!
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    If I worked at Foxconn, I'd totally put pics on a phone before sending it out. It'd be like an Easter egg hunt for the superdorks among us (of which I consider myself one.)
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    Maybe they will be jumping (pre).
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    As long as they set my phone down safely before making the leap.
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    It's part of the 30x plastic strength test.;)
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    Morbid! But funny.
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    Sorry, Mods. Wasteland please. :(
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    not funny
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    whoa what a dark thread
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    Speaking of deaths, I think this thread needs to die.
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    Very funny!
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    People make deathly decisions every day.

    Not our fault. Their choices.
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    What else can be done with the phone 5 days out.

    Every conceivable question has been asked here and there is little new to be discussed. Just the thought about a factory image on your iPhone gives some something to think about!

    Relax, your phone will arrive when it does, unless you screwed up and did not get yours ordered! LOL!
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    If I have photos of those hot asian female workers, i dont think I'll be out of my room for a week.

    Me and my asian fetish....
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    anyone have a link to these pictures?
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    What a sick thread. Next thing, someone will say that they have a fetish for dead asian factory workers. You guys should be ashamed.
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    I love asians and I cannot lie.
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    I'm with ya- snap away!
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    Oooooh, that sounds like a fun one.
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    dead girls can't say "no"
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    and IBTL :D
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