'Chess Wars' App Update Rejected Over "Shiny Chat Bubbles"

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Image courtesy of Joe Stump's Flickr page

    Blunder Move's Chess Wars app, which allows users to place chess with Facebook friends via Facebook Connect, has been rejected due to chat bubbles that reportedly imitate those of the iPhone's Messages app too closely, according to the blog of one of the developers, Joe Stump. [Warning: this blog post contains profanity and may be NSFW.]

    Chess Wars was initially released in early July, with an update to fix bugs released on July 30. Stump's blog describes that major bugs in version 1.1 required an update that was subsequently submitted to the App Store for approval. This latest update has been waiting in the App Store approval queue for about 6 weeks.

    According to his blog, Stump was finally contacted today by Apple with information on the reason behind the approval delay:

    The promised follow-up from the contact at Apple resulted in the latest update to the blog post:
    TechCrunch and other sites have followed this story and helped to provide publicity that likely prompted Apple's direct contact with Blunder Move today.

    The current version (1.1) of Chess Wars can be found here (link opens iTunes).

    Article Link: 'Chess Wars' App Update Rejected Over "Shiny Chat Bubbles"
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    Unspoken Demise

    Well, Apple has trademarked shiny bubbles. I gotta go stop those kids down the street before they get arrested.

    Seriously Apple?
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    Small White Car

    Tweetie got away with this.

    I guess it's just the right amount of shiny?

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    I doubt anyone 'has got away with it'. If the shiny bubbles are trademarked, then Apple should've been stopping this a long time ago. Perhaps they've just realised this and are cracking down now. The problem lies in not informing the developers before.

    If Apple ARE cracking down on this (and they're not going to go look for old apps - probably just new ones that have updates - which is kind of stink, as it punished developers who update), then they should send out a memo to all developers: Get rid of your shiny bubbles; Check your keywords for violations, etc.

    Shame, because I liked the unified look.

    If Apple have it trademarked, they have every right to demand them to change. It's simply stupid, though, that they are preventing an Apple app from being too Apple like. Still, if this were to be ported to another device, they don't want that device looking too similar to Apple's.
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    The current Tweetie chat bubble theme does not have any shininess. Beejive, on the other hand...
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    Small White Car

    Hmm, so perhaps they're serious about the 'less shiny' comment.

    I wonder if Tweetie coincidentally changed theirs or if they were told to change as well.
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    Good question. I wonder, too, if I'll see an update to Beejive in the coming days as a result.
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    Most trademarks can be used with the express written consent of the trademark holder. Why not ask Apple for use? Not in Apple's favor is the fact that they've been selectively applying enforcement which could lead a judge to rule against Apple. As in, either Apple goes back and cracks down on everyone or they just let it go and let developers use the darn chat bubble.

    One the other hand, Apple probably has a small army of patent lawyers working in their legal department. The company owns patents numbering in the thousands. I think it's rather unreasonable for a small developer with limited resources to know what "is" and "is not" permissible based on all the trademarks out there. Chat bubbles....who da thunk?!?
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    Another reason to JB, and put whatever BUBBLES I want on my iPhone.....:eek:
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    Unspoken Demise

    They should make them MORE shiny. :D
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    Wasn't an app rejected once for not looking enough like Apple's UI? They wanted UI consistency to avoid user confusion... And now this one's rejected for being consistent?
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    I realize that we have 'Freedom Of Speech' in this country...... But, with a mouth like theirs on the Blog, I'm glad they were disapproved.
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    Apple is punishing themselves.

    I'm a self-admitted Apple fanboy (and owner of AAPL), but Apple's tyrannical App approval process actually drove me to jailbreak my iPhone last week. I feel sorry for elitists who are too proud to JB their phones (I wasn't one of them, I just didn't know what I was missing out on). After realizing my phone's hidden potential, I'm glad to be somewhat free of Apple's App Store tyranny.

    Apple is actually doing harm by being unnecessarily strict. I've jailbreaked many iPhones for friends and family this week. I'm just a domino. Watch the community grow as Apple increases the pressure.

    "If you can't open it, you don't own it."
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    You are in the vast vast VAST minority my friend. I'm not saying I think Apple is doing the right thing here (frankly I think they are not, its a pretty dumb move IMO) but 90%+ of the iPhone users out there don't know/don't care about some random app like this being rejected. Heck most users don't care about Google Voice being rejected.

    Tech heads/nerds/power users (aka the people who comment on blogs like this one) notice and care, but we are a vocal minority (sometimes too vocal, sometimes not enough).

    I also think the situation is/will get better as Apple gets a better grasp on the whole appstore process. Its clear from Phil Schillers comments and communications that they are aware of the issues and are working on better approaches. Although to be honest I don't think Apple is ever going to give a model that pleases everyone, because too many people want what Apple isn't going to give, but thats a nother discussion for another day.

    For the vast majority of users the downsides of jailbreaking (of which there are some) compared to the benefits just aren't worth it. For most people its a matter of Can i make calls, send texts, check e-mail, check twitter, check facebook, play some games.
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    WTH Apple!?

    Heaven forbid any UI on their phone is standardized. :mad:

    Next up:
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    Cry, cry, whah, whah. Amazing this can even make news. These guys stole the chat bubbles right out of iChat and now they think Apple is bad for protecting their assets. It sure takes a set to ride somebody's coat tail to the top, take credit for the work, stab them in the back, and cry poor when caught.
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    Damned if you do, Damned if you don't.

    Didn't they just reject a bunch of apps because they "veered from the user experience of the iPhone"? So what, you can't make apps look like the rest of the iphone interface, but you can't have them different either? Sheesh, what a crock! Had I invested a bunch of money and time into developing an iphone app, only to have it yanked for some stupid reason like either of these, I'd be furious.
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    Full of bugs

    Why did he release an app that was full of bugs in the first place?
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    I understand how you formulated your opinion. Here's mine.

    1. This isn't an issue of minorities or majorities. 'The vast majority of' Americans are overweight. Since the majority of Americans eat unhealthy and don't care about health food stores or gyms, let's shut them down and not give them the attention they deserve.

    2. Many people didn't notice or care when Michael Vick was allowed to play in the NFL. It doesn't mean he should still be able to play. He should be publicly hung. People's lack of awareness on an issue does not justify complacency.

    3. The positives of jailbreaking outweigh the negatives. My phone has never crashed since jailbreaking. I can run apps in the background. It's easy to JB. It's easy to restore. There is a mythos that jailbroken phones don't run efficiently. False. I am not in the minority on this.

    4. The situation won't get better until Apple let's us truly own our iPhones, i.e. developers being in control of what Apps they can create for iPhone OS, not Apple. Desktop apps have never been scrutinized so heavily by Apple. Why should mobile apps?
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    I agree 100%

    Even though I understand the viewpoint Apple has taken that they do not wish poor quality apps to reflect negatively upon the image of their iPhone, no one (with half a brain) goes to the app store, browses apps (where the third-party software company's name is PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED) and thinks that Apple was the creator of said software.

    Besides, has apple never heard the FAMOUS idiom: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"?
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    Reminds me of the Coke Zero commercials where Coke tries to sue Coke Zero for "Taste Infringement"...
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    Compile 'em all

    Trademarking chat bubbles?

    What a load of BS!
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    Doesn't the Facebook app have the shiny chat bubbles in facebook chat? Does that mean the Facebook app shouldn't have been approved?
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    this is ridiculous...i could understand if it was for say an android app or whatever that other one is...but is on the freaking iPhone!!!

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