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Chestnut Hill Mall, MA/ I couldn't pre-order the iPhone 4- details in forum (HELP!)

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by jbobsessed2013, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Is anyone planning to come early to the Apple store in the Chestnut Hill Mall, MA?

    Also, I was not able to pre-order the iPhone 4- if I arrive to the store early, will I be able to get an iPhone? If so, how early should I get there? ADVICE PLEASE?!!
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    I'm in the same boat. I'll probably go there this week-end to ask if they will have some and at what time the store will open. Considering there is no outside door, we will probably have to line up at the south entrance (the one facing Boylston St).
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    I called this morning, and the news I got wasn't what I would call encouraging. Here is what I heard from someone (sounded like a manager) at their store:

    -The store opens at 7 am, but the mall will not allow anyone to either enter the mall OR line up outside the mall before 6 am.

    -They will have two lines - one for those who reserved an iPhone during the silly craziness, and one line for those who haven't.

    -I asked if they would have iPhones for those of us who weren't lucky enough to somehow get through the craziness and pre-order one from the initial shipment. The person said he couldn't say for sure, because those who reserved an iPhone had first dibs. The way he was talking about it, I'm not entirely sure he knows if there will be enough for people who didn't pre-order.

    Based on what I heard, it sounds like getting an iPhone without having successfully pre-ordered one first will be difficult at best, because even getting there crazy early apparently doesn't assure you an iPhone if you haven't pre-ordered one. I'm planning on calling the store at the Natick Mall to see if they might have a different story, but I doubt it.
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    thanks- that was helpful

    I think I'm still going to show up at 6, maybe even a little earlier although they said not to.

    I also called the store the other day, and the person I spoke to said that there were going to be iPhones for people who had not reserved one, but that may have changed.
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    I just called the Natick store - same story except they apparently don't have the same time restrictions that Chestnut Hill does. It does appear that while there will be some phones available for walk-ins, they will be extremely limited. A Natick Apple store employee told me they had no idea how many they were going to get - could be 5, could be 100.

    Not sure which store has the best chance for a pickup - I can get in line earlier at the Natick one, but I'm waaaay closer to the Chestnut Hill one.
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    I actually got a pre order

    I have a reservation lol I refreshed it for an hour and a half straight and actually got in at 5:30 in the moring. Anywhoo ill be showing up around 5:30ish and ill just wait in my car. Hope they allow us to look at the bumpers and cases for a short amout of time :).
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    I have got one reserved for me, but I will not be picking it up. After I reserved a 32 gig using the iphone app, I was finally able to successfully purchase one for delivery on the 24th on their web store. So I have no need for the reserved one.

    I wish I could give one of you guys my reserved one.
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    Actually you can in a way, go to your email that you received and cancel your iphone that will give the people who show up early one more iphone they can purchase.
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    Man, I'm so glad I got my reserve in and I live like 5 mins walking from Boylston St. store. I just wanna get in and get out.
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    Chestnut Hill mall.
    That used to the the mall of malls.
    We went there and that and the coffee shop was the only places that had people in their stores
    The rest of the places were overprice chinese clothes with someones name on it
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    It's a pretty tiny and tight apple store compared to the cambridgeside and north shore mall store.
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    It is a pretty small store, though I have been extremely impressed with their staff - always very helpful and honest.

    Thursday should be...interesting.
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    Done! Good luck guys. I'm glad I'm not going to stand in line this year. I last did it for the 3G launch and it was horrible at the Chestnut Hill Store. I arrived at 6:30am, and I didn't leave until about 2:00pm. Horrible. Now I just have to wait for FedEx on the 24th.

    I would imagine they are going to have problems with AT&T servers on launch day. Even activating the phone is going to be a pain. But at least that can be done in the comfort of your home with iTunes. :)
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    Agreed - this will be the first time I ever waited for something like this. Frankly, my one goal is just to walk out with a physical phone - if I can't activate it for a day or so because AT&T's servers explode, I'm fine with that.

    Just curious - was 6:30 early enough?
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    hey guys, any more updates on this store? are people for sure not allowed to line up too early here? can we at least sleep in our cars in teh parking lot?
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    I'd call the store and mall security if you want the latest update, but I was specifically told by an Apple employee who witnessed the iPad sale that the mall will absolutely not allow anyone to camp overnight. I'm guessing that means in your car as well.

    Should be fun - I think I'm going to try legacy place first around 4:30 am, and if that doesn't work then head over to Chestnut Hill.
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    Ive tried

    Ive tried to call but no one is picking up :(. Anyone get through? Will they allow car parking until we are allowed to get into a line? I know the line is supposable starting at 6...hopefully someone knows or can get through.
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    I haven't been able to get through either!! The guy I talked to at the Apple store shortly ago said the same as has been posted. I plan to get there around 5 and hope they at least let us line up outside the mall.
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    got here at 4am, was about 25th in line or so, and almost everyone in front of me was also a walk in. i too was a walk in so i had to wait a while to get my phone. the reserve line was moving fairly quick, but i was out of the store by 9am. just got home, so far doesnt seem like my iphone 4 has the reception problem or the yellowing screen problem, but thats on first glance. hope everyone was able to get theirs today too. peace!
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    I must have passed you on line. I had a pre-order and arrived at 6:30. I was out of there by 8:15. What was the deal with those guys trying to jump the line with the manager? All I heard was something about having to catch a flight.
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    It was an absolute cluster f there. Did they end up changing the 50 reserves to 1 walkin or did it stay that way? I left at 730 went to newton radio shack at 840 and walked out at 915 with a 32gb! Should have just gone there instead of waiting at the stupid mall at 5 in the damn morning.
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    hah really? where is the newton radio shack? i shouldve just done that too!

    as for wat was going on in the front of the line, im not sure. ididnt pay attention to it. just glad i actually got one :)

    and my phone doesnt have the yellow screen but is showing the antenna/reception thing, which both i guess are normal. anyone from c-hill get not as luckY?
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    It's almost of the newton/needham line in a little plaza. I knew they had 3 available but figured people would already be there waiting by the time I got there, I was the only one there until like 850 when a few more people showed up. So it worked out good for me, wish I could get back the 2.5 hrs I lost at the mall though lol. Phone is fine also, no yellowing and the antenae thing hasnt been a problem either, I did get a free screen protector and bumper cover at the radio shack and supposably the bumper cover helps with that problem.

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