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Chicago, IL

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by iToaster, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Didn't see the thread anywhere. Who's going to be there? I won't be there until the day after (hopefully they'll have copies left). I might see some of you there if you can make it the next day.
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    I'll be at the Michigan Avenue store on the 26th at 6 pm to get Leopard.
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    I ordered online but will cede the right of way to Apple Store patrons while driving home from the Loop.
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    I'll be there to pick it up.. and I'm a student + have my $100 money back from apple for my phone!
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    Can you get the educational discount at the Apple store? Online its $116 for students. I want to get it on the 26th too because Leopard looks so cool and this would be my first "launch party" thing (I missed the iPhone one because of work).
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    Yes, you can get your educational discount at the store. I've done it numerous times. This will be my first launch party thing too, i'm excited.
    Should be fun!
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    Yea im gonna be there too on Friday the 26th. i want a free :apple: shirt, lol im probably gonna go Friday morning to stand in line. gonna need some food, crap. lol. Hope it doesn't rain or isn't too hot.
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    I think Apple has some weird policy regarding student discounts in-store. I tried to buy iWork and iLife with my student discount and they said that they can only give software discounts online. Thought it was weird, but it has happened to me at two different stores. Maybe Leopard will be an exception, but I am not counting on getting my discount next week.

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    hardware student discounts in store, yes. software, no. thats always been their policy.
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    What time should I get there? I've never been to a launch party before.
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    too hot?

    Too hot, are you kidding me? Have you been down here this week? I mean by Chicago standards 60° isn't bad, but too hot? Don't count on it, in fact, I'm bringing a coat. I'll be there probably around 5, I've gone gung hoe about these before (panther) and there wasn't much fanfare for that. I missed Tiger due to work, maybe that was more festive, but probably not. It's still fun to be with people that aren't going ot be saying "macs suck" or some other pompous remark.

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    well i posted that be4 the weather report for this week. Thats why. I live 5 mins away from downtown chicago, so yea i know what the weather is like.
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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm from Toronto and I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow for a conference bit on Monday so I figured I might head down to the Michigan Ave. store tomorrow night to meet up with you all!!

    Quick question though, what's the best way to get down there from my hotel near O'Hare? I'm taking the Blue Line into town from Cumberland but apart from that, I'm completely lost.

    Thanks in advance and see you all there!

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    take the blue line in to Jackson and transfer to the Red line and take that north towards Howard. Hop off at Chicago and walk east to Michigan ave. From there go two blocks south and you're there.
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    What time are going going to start to wait in line?
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    @cj1171: Cheers! Thanks for your help!

    @jakk2809: All depends what time I end up getting to the hotel. Hoping to get down to the store around 4 or 5, but I'm assuming that's still close to rush hour in Chicago so I might be a little later.
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    Orland Park Apple Store?

    Is anyone going to the Orland Park Apple Store? I live close to it, but I don't know if I should get there hella early or if getting there around 5 should be sufficient.

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    only 10 people in line right now. 2 hours to go.
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    Long lines?

    How bad is it at Michigan store? Is there a long line? 1 hour to go
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    I'll be going, and well it's obvious I'm already late, but yeah. :D
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    Did anyone see the teen who started the wave? That was funny. Well at least the rain mostly held off until the line was inside. Of course leaving in the midst of a steady shower wasn't the most fun. But hey, the event was fun to attend.


    P.S. That teen was me ;-)

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