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Chicago, IL

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by kevan, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Michigan Ave. Who's gonna be there? Camping out this time or no?

    I was at the 1st gen launch in KC and it was a hell of a time. Showed up around 6 in the morning and hung out all day it was awesome.
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    I went to Bayshore last year (in Milwaukee) and I'm planning on it again this year. I might... might go to Michigan Ave though.. depends on a lot of variables
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    WOODFIELD MALL where all the g's will be at :)

    There or the AT&T store in Elgin. I have not decided.
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    ill be at the Michigan Ave. one, but i wont be camping out ;)

    :apple: iPhone 3G
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    AT&T Store in Oak Park on Harlem?

    Like last time, I won't be in line, but will be taking pics, but with my iPhone this time (instead of my Windows Mobile). ;)
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    AT&T store in LaGrange on LaGrange Rd.. mostly because I work next door and I like buying things from my AT&T buddies.
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    Will likely be at Woodfield...though I'm contemplating going to the store I used to work at last year at Northbrook Court. Decisions Decisions!
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    thinking about it though, there maybe no need to camp out. last time, as i'm sure you know, we couldn't buy the thing until 6. they haven't said anything like that yet, so here's hoping we can go all day long.
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    Oak Brook Mall

    I'll be camping out the Apple Store at Oak Brook Mall - same as I did last year.
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    I'm going to be going to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg... I have a question, though, for anyone who went there last year. Woodfield Mall as an AT&T store and an Apple store, are they going to sell it at both, or just combine the two and send AT&T employees to the Apple store?

    PS. Never bough the first one so I'm kind of a noob... :D
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    So I live in Crystal Lake, meaning that Oak Brook, Woodfield, and Michigan Ave. are all within my range. Question is...where's the party going to be at?! This isn't just a product launch, it's a celebration of uniting iNerds.
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    Deer Park would be the closest to me...or the AT&T store in McHenry
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    i would be all for this inerd gathering, i just don't have a car. if it isn't accessible by the cta and walking then i can't be part of the gathering, ya know unless one of you suburbanites wants to come pick up some random stranger from an online forum....

    sorry i forgot to copy your name, but to the dude who said something about going to an at&t store – i think the best option for any of is an apple store and not at&t, if there are shortages or anything there will be more at an apple store than at&t. plus, do you really want to camp in front of an ugly at&t place when we could camp out in front of a beautiful apple store?
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    That is a decent store, but I have been there once and I totally forgot about it! :eek:
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    To be honest, I had no idea one was there until just a month ago...I've been to Schaumburg at least twice since it opened :eek:
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    Do you know about the Northbrook one too? Old Orchard? There are 4 stores within 30 miles, and 2 more within 50 miles from us up north. (rough estimates).
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    Yeah, but those are a little too far east for me. I'm still holding on to hope they will open one in Gurnee someday...Heck, I'd settle for McHenry too :) Fox Lake would be ideal :eek::eek:
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    You realize they won't open one in Gurnee in a million years right? :p

    Maybe in that new rumored Grayslake mall. :rolleyes:
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    anyone else going to the mall in orland park?
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    OOooo....Oooo...Where's this mall going to be? Rollins and ??? I assume?
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    Supposedly the old county fair grounds, Rt 45 and Rt 120. They better expand them roads by then! :eek:

    On Topic: Since T-Mobile isn't offering the iPhone, I won't be lining up to get one. Folks might want to make sure to say Apple Store or AT&T even when mentioning mall names, just in case. :eek:
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    Were there a lot of people in line the last time? I'm debating about going to the AT&T store or just drive to the Oak Brook Apple Store. I won't be there opening day though as I hate lines. I'll wait until Sat. or, more likely, Sun. to pick up my phone.
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    Here's last year's line:


    Kinda-sorta. Maybe not as long this year as it's just a new version of the same phone?
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    That is my 1st choice. I went there for the very 1st time last week to grab a case for my current iPhone and I was amazed. I'll be there for launch. I'm actually taking the day off from work.
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    I have this thing called T-Mobile...kind of a bugger

    so yea i dont really have a point to camp out HOWEVER anybody needs a spot in line ill b glad to go there for them for 5/10 bucks. lol its summer n i dont really have anything going on that week..

    either way there may be no need for lines so if not, Ill probably be around Michigan Ave just cauz its downtown n thats where the most people will be...

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