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China UFO Sighting July 7 (Video from ABC News)?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by theMaccer, Jul 16, 2010.

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    no mystery it was projected from the ground against a cloud somebody's playing a hoax and not even a very good one.
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    Its still a UFO- an unidentified flying object. UFO /= Aliens... necessarily.
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    It would have to be an actual "flying object" not a projected image to be a UFO terrestrial or otherwise this for now is just a "UPI" at least until Chinese authorities trace the source (and probably severely punish whoever is behind it by burying them in some hole someplace)....and who said anything about Aliens--seriously don't read too much into my sig on this one?
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    Here's the UFO from a different angle.:D

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    OMG it's a Chinese Batman! LOL

    The one pic they show of it where the radiating beams go wider toward the surface is the one I'd really have to question since the shot seems to be somewhere near the vantage point of the source of the projection that tells me right there whoever took that shot in all likelihood was the hoaxer responsible or at the very least involved in the prank
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    in our age of millions and millions of iPhones and other phones with built-in cameras, not to mention iPods, point+shoot and dslr cameras etc. nobody even took a video of that so-called UFO?

    if get the chance, you can bet, i would film it. and try to keep my hand steady while filming ;)

    well, it is china, so maybe they were confiscated...
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    Like it matters whether it was a photo or video. The skeptics will remain skeptics, while the enlightened know........it has begun!
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    That's the funny thing isn't it--now that humanity has wider access to the technology why aren't there more documented sightings of Bigfoot, The Loch Ness monster, UFO's, Chupacabre, ghosts, etc?......Is it either a massively huge conspiracy where millions of people are covering up the evidence? or the more logical explanation that these things do not exist or happen?

    Don't get me wrong though, I am keen on the concept that we are not the only life in the universe I just have my doubts as to the possibility of anything unearthly actually coming to visit us.
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    There lots of video footage of the UFO on that day. I guess you haven't discovered Google yet.

    Anyway, good for them - at least they aren't claiming it's a sign from a God like some batsh*t crazy people do in other countries ;)
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    UFO pics never show anything in detail. I want to see HD footage up close during the day with Hollywood movie quality with no shakes and no zooming in and out.
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    Yah Hollywood movie quality will do--like the Blair Witch Project LOL
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    Agreed. The aliens thing was not really directed at you, just another error people commonly make.
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    If it were projected from the ground, the light would also be quite bright from the ground. But if you look at the pics, the light is brightest at the top and much more faint on the ground. In one pic, there's no ground to sky light at all.
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    I don't think it was just a light coming from the ground, they said it was "detected." I don't see how light would be able to be detected, unless they just mean some guy saw something.
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    Jaffa Cake

    I've read a few thoughts online that the 'object' that was sighted was actually the trail from a missile being tested by the Chinese military. Certainly, the images differ greatly from the spotlightesque image in the OP's link.
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    Aliens. The logical answer. :rolleyes:

    That's not jumping to ridiculous conclusions at all.
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    I love a good UFO story. God knows what it is, but that's part o' the fun. Also it's part of the name.

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