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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Darth Maniac, Aug 19, 2010.

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    I recieved mine today. While not perfect I like it and this will certainly do me for now. Some points:

    The good:

    - It seems to be well made, of good leather effect material and it doesnt have the fake leather smell.
    - Its pretty much like the iPad case but doesnt pick up dust like a vacuum cleaner.
    - Its nice and thin and the edges dont feel as sharp.
    - Its a good case for the price and superior in most ways to the apple stand.
    - Its very stable when stood upright in landscape mode.

    The not so good:

    - While typing mode raises it to a good angle there is more "Sag" than with the apple case. Its still at an angle but it doesnt feel as high as the apple case. Its not like the first gen Piel Framas though - its still useable.
    - The lovely soft interior does pick up some dust which is a shame because its main selling point is that its not that apple made dust magnet. Not sure why the interior couldn't be the same material as the outside, especially as when in the stand mode the fabric is on the outside and can pick up dust off the table. Maybe when the maker does a real leather version this could be considered. It is worth pointing out though that, while it does pick up dust it doesnt seem to make it out of thin air like the apple case which is good.
    - The holes. However they aren't really noticeable after a while and dont bother me and I understand future production will not have these.
    - I am not sure if the front cover could be slightly wider. As I no longer have the apple case I cant compare but I think more of the back of the case is visible.
    - The front logo. I dont like it much but as its the same colour as the case its not a killer issue. Ideally I would prefer no logo though or some sort of arty obscure symbol.

    The pointless:

    - The bag accessory that comes with it. Not sure if its useful, especially if it impacts on the price.


    I like it with reservations. The apple case design is a great one and needed improving on. This has done that. I still think that more improvements can be made but for the price its good value. Ultimately Im thinking of blowing my cash on a Vaga Agenda 2 but this will tide me over. If the rumoured real leather version addresses the negative points though I would be tempted to get it.
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    How's the build quality?? Does the cover feel like it will keep it's flat shape, or start to bend/curve over time?? I'm looking to get this, but my main concern is long term quality. Also, does this cover the home button more, less or the same amount as the Apple ipad case?? Thanks!
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    The build quality is quite good. I'm not sure if there is cardboard or some kind of plastic (I hope) material which makes the case rigid on top. It is quite stiff though and won't forcibly bend so I suspect it is a durable material. I believe that it will hold up well. The home button is encroached on by the case for sure but the power button and volume control, orientation button are perfectly accessible. I'm overall very happy with this case and kevikev is an honest and wonderful guy to deal with. My case was shipped immediately.

    I also have the yoobao magic case which I love (I know, I have an addiction with cases). It is different in that there are so many angles that it can be placed into but its slightly bigger than the chinao. The only thing that I don't like is the clip that holds the top closed. Its loose and it doesn't really hold it closed. It used to hold it better but it bent slightly (with normal use) and I don't think it can be bent back again. I wish it was just flat and had no clip (like the chinao). I have tried a few other cases and while equally functional, add way too much bulk. These cases are superb.

    I'd buy both of them again and I would buy them from Kevikev.
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    I, too, have become addicted to trying out different cases.

    Personally, right now, I am completely rocking the Yoobao, as opposed to my Chinao.
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    Can you guys post pictures of the ipads in the chinao cases? I purchased one from the same seller yesterday. you''re both making me feel good about the case and it's not even here yet.

    For others that are unsure of buying and for more people to become aware of this case (I think it's a good deal compared to some of the selection/value that the apple store offers.) I'd be great if you could post pictures of your ipads with them in it, I see a bunch of pictures of the yoobao that pretty much answers all questions I had of whether it would work or not, not as many for this case.

    BTW, I'd be even better If you two got together and showed a side by side of each case. I believe i'm going to end up buying the yoobao after getting this one anyways, but I never saw them side by side. I guess most people's ipads are going to end with more than a few cases laying around, there's just too many options that tempt you to try them out.
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    Thanks to SchneiderMan's excellent video/photos of the case, I ordered the Chinao yesterday and hope to receive it on Monday.

    I ordered the "no holes" version of the case. kevikev has it in all three colors (black, brown, red); just add a note when you check out indicating that's the version you want. And I agree, kevikev is an excellent seller, very responsive to questions!

    So the last remaining issue for me is the logo on the front cover.

    Once I receive the case, I'm going to see if there's a way to affix some sort of elastic band (a la Moleskine) or decal to cover the logo without it looking too ugly.

    I have never spent so much time researching a case before. I don't even own an iPad yet! ;)
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    Why is this case so appealing? It is virtually identical to the official Apple case, with the same design flaws, just made from different material.
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    Between various sellers creating multiple accounts and talking the case up as if they were a reviewer, reviewers giving too good of reviews (probably receiving perks), and the effects of those actions on the mindset of others I think this case has been more than hyped up.

    Of course, no one has really reported any significant problems with the case or sellers so the whole act doesn't seem too shady.
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    What a ridiculous statement. I have paid for all of my cases...NO perks here.
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    It most certainly is NOT a ridiculous statement. Quite a few shills have been caught and banned. Just because the statement doesn't apply to you specifically doesn't mean that the statement is universally false.
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    ...and doesn't make it universally TRUE either, yet you did not place a qualifier on your original statement other than the snide, "probably".
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    Well I am not a shill - You can go back to the original thread and see me discussing some concerns prior to buying. I bought it and am now offering my opinion in the accessories thread. Whether the seller overdid his sales pitch is not my problem. I now have the case and I quite like it albeit with the reservations in my original post. Also the seller was very helpful with my questions which is nice.

    As for the questions. The build quality is fine. No problems with it that I can see. I think it covers the home button about as much as the apple case - maybe a teeny bit more but we are talking pretty much identical.

    As for the point about it being like the apple case just with different material - well thats the whole point. The apple case design is nearly flawless IMHO apart from the god awful material which ruins everything. This addresses that somewhat.
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    No it's not.

    The first point I made is true. Several accounts have been banned because of promotional violations.

    The second point I made is speculation. I've just seen a few suspicious reviews. I didn't say your name (or even suspected you of anything) in the first place.
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    FWIW I'm not denying that this is a good case - I'm just making sure to keep my discerning hat on when hearing about this case.
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    Thats definately a fair point and as you can see I have listed some downsides. I was hoping this would be perfect enough for me to not blow cash on a Vaja and its not. Which is a bummer given what I have heard about Vaja customer service issues.

    However it is a pretty good case for the price and its nice to have something that is not bulky.
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    Actually, all the banned accounts were from kevikev, not other "shills". In addition, as I've stated before, I wish he were back. Yes, he was a little over-eager, and yes, he made a few " ff the wall" posts, but he has a fine product, is responsive, and is honest. I for one enjoyed his posts and wish he were back here.

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    Try reading before replying. I did not post what you are referring to.
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    I read exactly what you wrote. Perhaps you should qualify the aspersions you cast on others before hitting "Submit Reply."
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    Why are all the other case threads so peaceful whereas the Chinao threads always turn into a debate thread?
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    "qualifier on your original statement other than the snide, "probably"."

    Show me my post in this thread where I used the word "probably", snide or otherwise.
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    In part, because the "rules" appear to not be administered consistently.
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    Post #8. :rolleyes:
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    You have some serious issues.... I'm "sracer" not "blokey".
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    Whatever, dude...:rolleyes:

    I was referring originally to blokey's post. YOU decided to jump in, and respond. I'm assuming you mistakenly signed into your "alternate" account when responding to me originally.

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