Chip Level Teardown of iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 3, 2007.

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    Techonline reports on a chip level teardown of the iPhone, identifying the various componenets it is made up of.


    Many of the chips are Apple branded components, making their exact identification more difficult.
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    why would i ever want to tear apart my precious iphone... :(
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    It just amazes me how much crap they crammed into it.
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    Balda did a bang up job with the screen on my SE K800i. Still not a single scratch after riding in my pocket with keys and God knows what else.
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    EDITED - I'm wrong about this. See below.

    If I understand correctly, the Marvell 88w8686 WLAN chip they show here supports 3G protocols like HSDPA/UMTS - AT&T's 3g network.
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    woww, it's an easter egg of features! :)
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    Where did you find that info? I only read that it was designed to be used in 3g phones!

    EDIT: Those Bluecore chips have some EDR standard that I don't really know about.
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    Looks like I'm incorrect about that - it actually seems to be a WiFi a/b/g chip targeted at 3G+ handsets... I think I just got that one dead wrong...

    The actual GSM/EDGE bits are the Infineon parts. Sorry if I got y'all excited.
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    I read in the Dallas paper that investors wanted to know what brand the components were.. as a matter of fact the day the info came out ALL of the brands on the inside went up in the stock market, Except apple lol:confused:
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    These all confirm my view that the iPhone is in reality a mac that happens to handle phone calls.

    Welcome to the super computer running Mac OS X in your pocket -- the future of computing/consumer device.
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    what a neat website.

    truely a work of art...the iphone that is.

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