Choose for gym use Nano or 4g Touch

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Asperities, Oct 31, 2012.

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    I have gone through 3 Nanos in regular gym use. I put them in shirt pocket while working out, a really bad environment. Background, old fart who will use his mostly at the gym with a bit of metro riding thrown in. For travel I have tablets (ipad and ?)and for driving I have satellite.

    Choices are new 16gb Nano or a refurbed 4g Touch. The $60 difference in price is not particularly important, but weight, heft and survivability are. The gym does have wifi so Pandora would be a plus with the 4g. Opinions?
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    The touch with its glass screen is more likely to break upon dropping it, and its also a more attractive target for theft. For gym use, where you don't really need more than an hour or two of music, and you know it's going to get beat up, I'd personally go with the Nano.
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    I use my iPhone but it is in a padded leather case. I gave up on wires and just use a BT headset, less chance of damage that way. In that sense the new Nano with BT should be perfect; but wifi hmmmm it would be nice to stream me, I would go cheaper since it is a single use device unless you do lots of cardio and want to watch video to pass the time.
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    Even though I have a 6G nano, I don't use it for working out, I use my iPhone in an armband instead. Now, if you don't care about answering calls while working out then just go w/ a nano. You should clip the nano to the outside not inside the sweaty pocket though ;) If you are going w/ the new Nano (7G) then I would think an iPod Touch would be a better. And if you don't really care about changing songs specifically to another in your playlist you can buy a shuffle.
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    Wish I could use an armband. My gym here in Tokyo actually bans anything with a camera; don't let the image of nice polite Japanese fool you...ha ha. So I have to stash mine in my pocket, no choice. If they question me, I just pretend I do not speak Japanese and they leave me alone.
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    That sucks, I once read that the camera will make the shutter sound even though you might have the iPhone on vibrate. I tell you, Japanese culture is a love/hate thing w/ me. I do think the older traditions are the only good ones, all the issues seems to be a kinkier newer generation that doesn't want to reproduce.

    Yeah, and if you have some bluetooth headsets there is no way they could notice. I do find putting anything in my pockets to be uncomfortable and unbalances me when I'm doing exercises.
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    Yep, the iPhone here makes the shutter noise you cannot turn it off, its the law. Same reason why they have women only train cars in the morning, its funny when you learn the true nature of the culture; but in general I accept the rules and the culture, its not my country, but can't wait to get my but back home.

    Yeah, having the phone in my pocket blows, especially on the bench when I can feel it tugging at my shorts. But you get used to it and its better than working out in utter silence; no music in the gym at all. All very odd....

    So to the OP, an armand with a BT set up would be ideal, for the money difference I think the added abilities and wifi of the Touch make it the choice to me.
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    I think either one would be just as susceptible to damage in a gym. I go to the gym pretty frequently so I grabbed a shuffle. I love the clip it has. It's hard to break, and it's not distracting like my iPhone or another iPod.
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    I appreciate the feedback. I usually keep my phone locked in the car so that option is out, combined with the size and potential for damage I prefer something that I can keep in my pocket. Bt is somewhat unimportant, when doing cardio I usually watch the news, which means I'm jacked in. Need 16 gb because I'm lazy and dump most of my music onto the device. Pretty much my reasoning for narrowing it to either the Nano or older Touch.

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    A nano is a lot better for gym use. It is easier to manage and who needs all the functions of a 4G iPod Touch when you're working out? Despite your previous track record with the Nanos, they're still the best choice.
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    2 more choices

    As a third choice, why not purchase a refurbished Nano, either 5th or 6th gen?

    If they're not lasting for you then paying $149 for a new Nano which may not last is a bit of waste of money. There are some really cheap refurbished Nano's out there. I purchased a 5th gen for $58 (for the car). I'm sure there are better deals out there than that if you shop around. Refurbished 6th gens may be a little more expensive but for gym use they're ideal because of their clip.

    As a fourth choice, how about getting an iPod shuffle? I've had the same one for a number of years and it has survived drops, knocks, sweat etc etc.

    For an hour or 2's worth of excercising/gym you only need around 1Gb of music. Even 1Gb is probably more than ample, thus a 2Gb Shuffle would be perfect. An iPod touch would be a bit of overkill for your requirements.
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    I like the touch because you can jot down what you've improved on and check your routines.
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    Just an update, in the end I bought a new gen touch. There was no real reason, the nano was more suited, but my wife like the looks more. The 4th gen touch really wasn't any lighter than the 5th and fit my pocket better. I am exceedingly lazy, and needed at least the 16 for music. Thanks for all the advice.

    Btw, showing that all plans have a flaw, my new Touch lost all music the first day at the gym. Apple had no idea. All worked today, however.
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    Now that you bought the (new) Touch, I'd recommend a nice protective leather case as the best way to avoid accidentally crushing it during gym workouts. Many of them do come with "belt clips".

    PDair is one of the veteran "leather case manufacturers" for all iPods/iPhones. They have several types of leather cases for iPod Touch, including the pouch-style, the book-style, the holster-style cases, etc. All of these allow you to access the earphone port while the iPod is inside the case.


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    No wonder americans have such a horrible reputation in Japan.

    You should respect local customs
  16. marc11, Nov 7, 2012
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    Maybe I should start taking pictures up girls skirts which was the "custom" here that required the law in the first place? Having my iPhone in my pocket and never taking it out to do something inappropriate, I am complying with the spirit of the rule; I am not the only one, many Japanese actually berate the girls when they say something and ignore them; and at least I generally comply, my comment about not speaking Japanese was a joke, I actually can only speak a small amount and generally try my best to understand and communicate. By in large Americans aren't snapping pictures of girls underwear here...

    And BTW, American's are actually well respected here; unless you are Japanese, in which case I am sure you respect so many other races...and are unique because I hear all sorts of bad mouthing here from Japanese about other races...

    There is a difference between customs, culture, law and a rule in the gym, the iPhone was allowed up to about a month ago; after some girls complained about some JAPANESE guys video them.

    But I know, they have NO IDEA its in my pocket, I never take it out, but somehow, someway, they know since I am an American, because we all look alike, that I must have my iPhone, because all Americans hve iPhones and because of that, all Americans, because of ME, we all have a bad rep.
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    Your lack of respect for local customs is quite disgusting.

    Whether its in your pocket or not, you're breaking the rules.

    Tell yourself whatever you want.

    Have a good day
  18. marc11, Nov 7, 2012
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    I know, please, thanks for adding value to the thread. BTW, if you are a Japanese living in Japan, then based on your comments you're a racist and if you are not, you do not know what you are talking about.
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    All devices with cameras sold in Korea make the camera sound too. At least they aren't banned in gyms here.

    Back on topic, I use my iPhone with Nike Training Club and an XtremeMac armband and it has been a superb experience.

    However, if sturdiness is key, I would recommend a Sony Walkman W252 - it's one of those all in one waterproof designs so it stays out of the way.

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