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Chris Brown Arrested for Domestic Violence

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by kymac, Feb 8, 2009.

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    What? A musician arrested for beating his wife? You don't say? :eek: :rolleyes:
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    I assume this was posted because he owns a Mac?
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    uh no.. its in the current events section.. because its a current event..
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    Oh man the Grammy's were tonight? I think I've missed them every year for the past 5 or 6 years. Pretty depressing.

    I haven't missed the Oscars yet though have I? I actually manage to catch those sometimes...
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    rhianna is smoking hot, she deserves better than a wife beater
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    Hey, don't lump us all in!
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    The Grammys are a joke. The fact that a song with these lyrics:
    could be nominated for anything, especially when you consider all of the music out there with actual lyrics that have some thought and meaning put into them that will never be nominated for anything, is just pathetic and depressing and perhaps a sign of how bad the music industry has become.
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    Its actually "I told her back it up like, Erp Erp" you know.. like the sound a truck makes when backing up?

    Rap/Hip Hop does have a lot of meaning behind it. A lot of people who are incapable of reading between the lines just look at the image of the whole genre and say its evil. It's all just a fun way of expressing deeper emotions. So what if the grammar isnt correct. You going to correct shakespeare?
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    Maybe he mistook her for a threatening imposter when he saw something reflecting off her massive forehead.
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    Yeah, it's about oral sex. Whole lotta meaning behind that one :rolleyes:
    This translation of the lyrics is hilarious though.

    In any case this isn't setting a precedent. Nine Inch Nails won a Grammy in 1993 for Wish which features a very rude phrase along the same lines :eek: :D
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    Oh, my bad, "Erp, Erp" makes the song so much more insightful than "Berp, Berp" :rolleyes:

    The grammar in Shakespeare was accurate for his time, and regardless, if Shakespeare was writing entire plays about getting BJs, busting caps in cops asses, his bitches and hos, Escalades with chrome spinners and all the drugs he's done, then I would have no respect for him just like I have no respect for these rappers.
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    haha she deserved better than chris brown...

    ...she can stand under MY umbrella...ella...ella..ehy..ehy..
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    Well apparently rap's popularity is waning except for a few notable exceptions, and nobody can figure out why rap album sales are so badly hit. I guess it could be the poor quality, or perhaps some of the lyrics make no sense!!

    Anyway.....I've been listening to The Clipse's new album for awhile, and if you actually do listen to the lyrics, they're usually a bit more clever.
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    Everyone--regardless of gender, race, physical attractiveness, class, etc--deserve better than spousal abuse.

    I'm tired of reading and hearing of value placed on women just because she's "smoking hot."
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    Think you're jumping the gun a bit pouncing on the she's hot comment. I really don't imagine that bassproguy07 meant if you're ugly you've got it coming.
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    I have to agree with KT, the impression given was that her physical smokingness increases her worth as a human being.
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    Still, it's a flippant comment relating to a specific case of reported abuse.
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    Flippant comments are sometimes rooted in hard truth. Unfortunately women are often "valued" like that and it is BS when you get right down to it. How hot she is bears no relevance to deserving not to be abused.

    But I do of course know what you mean. Just playing devil's advocate or something.
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    All right then, I'll just shut up defending comments I didn't even make in the first place :p

    If he did hit her, that sucks, regardless of hawtness.

    Chris Brown always did seem like a tit though.
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    So why is none of that rap popular or nominated for Grammies?
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    Because "I aint never seen an ass like that, that p***y in my mouth had me lost for words" sells more than something more insightful. :rolleyes: Says a lot about our society, doesn't it?
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    uhhh.. people do realize that there are more than one category right? rap music doesn't win them all!
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    Who are these people?
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    Rappers, and singers. The word is that she gave him Herpes and in an argument regarding that, he attacked her.

    Call me crazy, but it serves her right.

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