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Christmas present dilema

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by prostuff1, Dec 15, 2005.

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    So dad keeps bugging me for a christmas list. They have already got me one of the things (i know i got it and one other thing for my birthday, Dec 4).

    I told dad i wanted a new stereo to put in the car so i could hook up my iPod without using the tape adapter. Well he does not want me to do that. not quite sure why but he does not so i did not feel like arguing.

    After that i am pretty much out of ideas, cause that is the onlything i wanted that i could actually use (and nto just have it sitting around).

    See my sig for what computers i have and extras.

    So far i thought about:

    1. I am thinking about a dock for my iPod.
    2. An FM transmitter for my iPod (but heard the quality was so so and i really did not want to get one; would rather put a stereo in the car)
    3. maybe another nice watch (kinda started wearing my old one a lot and it is "worn" around the edges) Any suggestions for brands?? (remember can be to expensive)
    4. About were the list ends

    I just need three or four good ideas.

    lets see, i like computers (have two of them) and electronics in general. have a wireless router already, and most electronic stuff i need.

    So does anyone have any ideas??
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    Impress him... tell him you don't want any more electronics would rather he put some money into a bond or a certificate for you to use when you go away to school or start a career.
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    good idea, but college is already paid for; for the most part. And he already puts money into a fund for after college.

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