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Cinema 22" display vs the new 20.1" LCD?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by RonyD, Jan 28, 2003.

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    Given the new introduction of the 20.1 inch LCD today, the old Cinema display 22" has dropped to an amazing $1499 at some of the retailers (ClubMac being one of them).

    Is the 22" display worth the extra $200? What does the new 20.1 inch model bring to the table other than a fantastic price and a few less inches than the big Cinema 22/23s?

    Your thoughs?

    Thanks for your help,

    PBG4 Dual 1Ghz, 1.25GB DDR
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    Yeah. I can see your point. Can't wait to see the 20.1 inch screen in person as it makes its way to the retail Mac locations.


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    Mr. Anderson

    The 22" really was a left over ever since the 23" was introduced. They're just trying to get rid of extra/left over stock.

    One thing to consider is how big the fonts will be on the 20". I'm really interested in seeing one in person and will have to make a trip to the Apple store to find out.

    You should also look into the 20" Formac LCD, its a bit better for not much more, but it isn't wide screen.


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    I took a look at the Formac (on the website, not in person), but I really like the widescreen displays. If I'm going to shell out good money for a monitor, it should be innovative in some way. The Cinema displays have really been at the forefront of innovation from a technology standpoint. Now, they're quite innovative from the cost standpoint. If money wasn't an issue, I would just bite it and get the HD 23. Maybe I'll have to wait it out for a few more months and then pull the trigger.

    I'm moving from a Sony FD Trinitron 21", so it's not like I'm suffering too much right now. :)


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    20 inch

    I checked this out the other day in the Apple store. At first I thought that it was the 22inch, but I realized it was the 20 inch when i saw the 23inHD. I think the 20in is a great monitor. It even seemed a slight bit brighter than the 23in. Since pixel pitch is the same on the 23 and 20, fonts will be the same size. Nice and crisp and not too small. I played around in FCP DVDSP and Photoshop for awhile. All around a great display for the price.
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    I had a 22'' and I bought a 20''... I liked the 20'' so i sold my 22'' to get a second 20''
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    Just got a 20" Cinema today with a DP 1.25 PM. Fantastic display - much better than the 22" to my eyes. I can't believe Apple actually has a superior product at the lowest price!

    Forget the 22"
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    Just something to know. I work on a 22" over a year now. Cannot say that it let me ever down. However, if we do work on type its sometimes nice to see the final result still on a CTR. The type is just never so cristal clear as on the CTRs. Beats me but i guess the technique is just not there. Anyone know who it is on the 23 HD TV?
    At least you should consider to have a 17 or 19" monitor running next to the cinema displays if you do need those macs as we for work. Otherwise they are all great screen. And look good!
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    Re: info

    What is a CTR? Do you mean CRT?


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    Re: Re: info

    Heheh. oups. Yes Ron, thats what i was trying to say :)

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