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Circuit City selling Macs again

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: Circuit City selling Macs again
    Description:: Macs appearing at Circuit City's website, as well as select locations. Apple has their own section under the Notebook Computers category, and CC seems to carry all flavors of MacBoo, MacBook Pro, and iMacs

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    macboo :p
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    Circuit City selling Macs? Seems like a good way to ensure that shoppers have the worst possible buying experience, receive misinformation, and end up with the wrong machine.

    That said, Apple will probably sell more machines, and that's a good thing.
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    That's only available during through Halloween.

    Of course, we went through this with Circuit City years and years ago. They've gotten better with their stores since then, but they've mishandled the iPods, so will they do better with Apple computers, which they don't want to sell?
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    Yeah. I remember my local Circuit City carrying the iMac G3's back in 2001. They had no other Macs there at that time and have had none since. The employees knew next to nothing about PC's so it's doubtful they did or will know anything about Macs.
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    First Best Buy now Circuit City?:mad:

    What is Apple thinking when it comes to allowing re-sellers sell Macs?

    I used to work at Best Buy and can attest to the fact that over 90% of the people I worked with knew almost nothing about the products they sold.

    Q:What's going to happen when an electronics retail giant who's employees know next to nothing about the products they sell begin selling another product they know nothing about?

    A: It's going to make the manufacturer look bad.
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    I work at CC and will attest to the fact of lack of knowledge. most employees here are taught the basics to sell, not much else. all sales follow a heirarchy of questions, so sadly i'm sure the mac won't be worked in.

    in my case, and a few others, you get someone who has a passionate hobby (home entertainment in my case) and you'll get some honestly good info. I don't know too many folks in my store like that though.
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    Maybe it CAN be done right. But will it?

    Having actual Apple employees seems to work great, judging by the excellent experiences I have had at CompUSA. Can it be done with store employees? I think so - I have seen it working well at MicroCenter, where they seem to at least have dedicated staff just for the "Apple chamber."

    Maybe these would help?

    * Apple interviews people for Apple-sales status, and gives those that are knowledgeable a one-time bonus and a badge to wear--even though they are still store employees and still sell all brands.

    * Train all computer sales people by Apple. Some will pass to the badge status, but ALL will at least be better-informed.

    * Give sales people a quick, 5-point carry-card for their own reference, busting myths like "no Office on Mac" and "Macs cost more for what you get."

    * Post signage/ads busting the same myths. A salesperson can't easily spout the usual FUD while standing next to a list of facts that prove otherwise.

    * Put Apple-designed brochures on display, prominently, so the store is NOT the only info source.

    * Offer additional commissions from Apple, on top of what the store pays.

    * Reward top sellers with Apple goodies like iPod Shuffles. Make them WANT Apple stuff in spite of themselves.

    * Have rules for how things are displayed, and spot-check them at random.

    * Have a place online where consumers can anonymously report when someone delivers anti-Mac misinformation. And respond to such reports with refresher training.

    Any other thoughts? Can it be done?
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    What are they thinking? They're thinking two things.

    1. 90% of the population does not live in the 500k+ Metro areas where Apple stores exist. A Best Buy or Circuit City exists in most Metropolitan and some Micropolitian areas. Most people are unwilling to spend six hours in a car just to look at a Mac. They have to do their shopping in the smaller metros anyway.

    2. They can't be much worse than the mom and pop mac retailers and they're much more high traffic.

    3. They want to sell Macs and most are going to stay PC if they can't try a Mac.
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    I have an Apple store about twenty minutes away, but I have both a Circuit City and a Best Buy almost within walking distance. The Apple store is in a major mall where parking is a pain, and the Apple store is always packed with people. I would consider buying my iMac from either company as long as the price is comparable and I can still get my Apple warranty. Speaking of which, I have had some very good support on warranty claims through CC.
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    In my region it will be a complete failure. I work at the local CompUSA as the on-staff Mac guy (Well, the Mac guy that's not a rep, basically) and since CompUSA has carried Macs forever, we have the reputation of being the go-to place in the area for Mac stuff, and we have a good 100 or so dedicated customers that keep shopping with us.

    Nobody will buy Macs from Circuit City because everyone in the store won't know jack squat about them, and won't be able to explain the differences.
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    I won't even buy audio cables from CC. They did a hack job on my Chevy S-10 install and wouldn't make it right... An Apple belongs in the hands of sales professionals with firsthand knowledge of the machines.
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    It's like buying caviar at Wal-Mart.

    But hey, Macs are now more available to more people. Long ago, I lost hope in CC, but this still has to be a good thing...and I bet the experiment will be successful if CC gives enough floor space to Apple (which they probably won't).
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    The CompUSA's around here are a joke. I stopped in to look at the 20" iMac and they didn't have one set up. The guys said, I'll look in the back to see if we have one. He was acting like I came in saying I wanted to buy one right then. I told him not to bother, as I was just wanting to look at one set that was setup and running (without all the crowds of the Apple Store). The Mac stuff at this local CompUSA is in one corner (which may be more than CC or Best Buy will allow) and makes up about two barely stocked aisles. Guess it all depends on the area you are in. Just curious though, how many "really knowledgable" Mac people are there on your sales staff, and out of how many total people in your store? If you have more than one, maybe you could send one to our local CompUSA. :D :D :D
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    The CompUSA's around here in the same metros as the Apple stores.
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    It's like selling Bentleys at a Daewoo dealer :rolleyes:
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    that's the way it was last time...before the ipod took hold

    now many pc only users have ipods, especially techie types who are likely to be high tech salespeople there and everywhere else

    i think apple, or that "ipod" company who most in the world know apple as, has something, finally, with the ipod which has made them a household name in high tech, the same way that ibm, verizon, and microsoft have been household names to techs and non techs around the whole world

    the imac in 1998 may have saved apple inc, but the ipod made apple inc as recognizeable as any high tech company in the world

    where apple was once a company that made expensive, colored plastic boutique computers for some artists and rich people, now has transformed into an entity where the average young person is more likely to log into the itunes store than go into a record store and buy a cd
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    IJ Reilly

    I imagine everyone has their own favorite Circuit City horror story but mine comes from the last time they sold Apple products. The Macs were displayed on carpeted shelves with no mouse pads. If you wanted to try out a Mac (the ones that were actually turned on and had keyboards), you had to run the mouse over palm of your hand.

    Recommendation: Wait until Circuit City concludes that they just can't sell Macs and puts their stock on clearance, and get yourself a great deal. This should occur in about six months.
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    Being an Apple fan, I put new stuff out the moment I see it come in, with the exception of the just updated iPods, though I'll be pushing to get one of those out soon.
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    I remember looking for a Cube at a clearance price but they suddenly disappeared. In those earlier days, the beige box machines were so beat up that I didn't want any of them.
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    This is wierd, a few weeks ago I was in Circuit city looking for flash drives, and I saw a whole aisle of Macs, and I think the Mac Mini looked kinda old.
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    Despite how bad some BB, CC and CompUSA locations are, having Macs on the shelves where most people buy their computers is a good thing for Apple.
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    IJ Reilly

    Not if the Macs are poorly displayed, in non-working condition, or the salescreatures badmouth them if you show any interest, all of which I've experienced in Circuit City stores. Circuit City is one of the reasons Apple needed company-owned stores.
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    Around the time the first iMac G4s were introduced, I started looking for refurb or closeout deals on the G3s and decided to stop by Circuit City. I can recall seeing several G3s on display, but not enough keyboards and mice for each machine. I seem to remember there was an iceBook on display as well but the palm rests were covered in dirt. The display table was littered with trash and only one iMac was actually labeled with an information sheet. Not a pretty sight. They were selling a 500mhz with CDRW on display for $649 though. :rolleyes:

    To digress, I ended up buying a refurb 700mhz G3 from apple.com for $899 about a month after the G4 was introduced. It's kind of funny to think that only a month prior they were selling new for $1499. Whatever happened to those really good deals on refurb closeout models? It seems you must pay a premium for refurb PowerPCs these days. :rolleyes:
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    Would you rather have a chance at a sale or have them just buy the HP without ever seeing a Mac?

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