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Civilian AirManila Sleeve for the new Macbook Air 13"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by unbreakablecomb, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I was looking for a case/sleeve for my new 13" MacbookAir that would provide at least a little bit of waterproofing, as well as providing protection against scuffs/dings/scratches while inside my messenger bag. I looked around a bit, and was initially considering ordering the Booq Viper, but that isn't shipping until the middle of February. So, I settled on the Civilian AirManila sleeve.

    I initially was also looking for a case that had very little branding (such as the 'Magic Folder' sleeve on ebay). I was worried that the 'civilian' logo on the sleeve would be intrusive, but in person it really isn't that noticeable.

    The same thing goes for the 'heat vent', what I initially thought would look a bit garish actually looks pretty nice in person, although i'm not sure how necessary it really is:

    I was concerned after ordering it that the padding wouldn't be sufficient, but I was pleasantly surprised upon opening the package. For a non 'hard-case' style sleeve I think the padding is more than adequate and is much softer than I expected.

    Here is a shot of the case with the Macbook in it so you can get an idea of the thickness with the padding:

    One aspect of the case that I don't like is the red string tie that is supposed to keep the case closed. It really isn't necessary, as the velcro keeps everything closed quite well. I assume it is supposed to be a cute allusion to a manila envelope, but with the velcro it is entirely superfluous. It also is a bit annoying when removing the laptop, as it gets in the way. I'll probably end up just cutting it off.

    Overall i'm pretty happy, this provides more protection than a neoprene sleeve would and looks nice and professional to boot. The red string is a bit annoying, and the branding isn't ideal, but that is pretty hard to avoid. The case is constructed very well, and the leather is very nice and waterproof as well!

    Overall i'd give this a 7 out of 10, its probably the only laptop sleeve i've ever owned that I wont stop using in the first week.

    In the future I may look at the Booq Viper to use as a hard case, but i'll definitely be sticking with this as a 'minimal' case. Those on a budget may also want to check out the 'Magic Folder' on eBay as a lest costly alternative.

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    This was one of two cases I was considering for my new 13 inch air. The other was the Incipio Orion. Then, the orion went on sale for 20 dollars and I jumped on the deal because it seems like a great case and got great reviews so I decided to try it out. I will say that I am not thrilled about having an open side on it, but it will mostly be inside of a bag too. Once I get it I will post a review and some pictures. If it isn't satisfactory, I can always return it and get the envelope, now knowing that it's a good sleeve.
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    their customer service is pretty bad. i asked about the exorbitant shipping charges for international orders and they answered saying 'yes the airmanila will fit your macbook air perfectly'. twice.
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    I haven't dealt with their customer service department at all. I'm in the states, and shipping was quick. Maybe it was some sort of ridiculous automated response?
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    well im from singapore and it costs $34 to ship one here. yeah i thought it might have been automated.
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    Even though I don't have my MBA yet, I've already placed my order for this. :)
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    $50!? NO WAY

    These sleeves are such ripoffs.

    For that price I'd get the Water one everyone is talking about
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    Eh, but this one is $11 cheaper, looks better, is minimal, and still adds a good deal of protection.

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