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Civilisation IV on the MBA 11" Ultimate?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Sveno, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Now, that Civilisation IV has arrived in the Mac App Store, I'm just wondering if it runs on the MBA 11" Ultimate. Any experiences?

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    Considering it's a 5-year old game it should run fine. As with any Civilization game, once your civ gets really big it's going to lag on any machine.
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    Advice : buy from Steam, it's cheaper. Wait for sales, I got the complete collection (base game + 2 expansions + Colonization for both Windows/Mac, installable on more than 5 computers) for 6.24$ USD over the holidays. Sure beats the 29.99$ price for just Colonization on the Mac App Store.

    It runs like a charm on my 13", even at 2048x1156 (my external monitor's native res).
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    I can run both Civ IV and Civ V on the MBA 1.4Ghz/4GB. Haven't tried them on the OSX partition, but in Windows 7, they both work fine.
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    Question for you. How long did you play Civ 5. Lower-end computers can handle it but as soon as you hit 100 turns the CPU lag gets worse and worse.
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    What about call of duty 4? Would the 13" actually run that game and run multiplayer? its also on the app store.
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    I'm gonna be posting some videos tomorrow. You can see for yourself.


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