Clamp down US - UK iTS loophole?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MacBoobsPro, Jan 30, 2008.

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    It seems Apple have closed the US UK iTS loophole on the ATV at least. I have been trying for the last half an hour to get any of my movies bought from the US store to play on my ATV. All I get is a message saying 'this ATV is not authorized to play this content' even though they were working last week. No matter what I do with authorization in iTunes or which store I select in ATV they no longer play rendering $100s of content useless. I cant moan too much because I knew what I was doing when purchasing the content in the first place. The thing I am pissed about is the fact that apple has punished me for their failure to bring movies to the UK.
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    The Loophole has not been closed it still works so i think it might be that some videos that you brought don't play on apple tv
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    I mean I'm in the UK and bought movies from the US store via the giftcard loophole. These movies no longer play on my ATV because it says my 'AppleTV is not authorise to play the content'. Even though I have de-authorised and re-authorised and fiddled with stuff but to no avail. They used to work fine but then they stopped.

    So beware about buying from the US store if you are in the UK. They play fine in iTunes but no longer on the ATV. I thought something had changed when I checked for the ATV update and got a different message than usual. Instead of saying there is no update available. It now says 'There is no update available. AppleTV cannot check right now'.

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    I'll try my US downloads on my uncles ATV later if they work it is your end not iTunes/ATV if not then the loop hole might be closed for ATV
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    Nothing whatsoever has been changed by myself. Also see what message you get when you run the ATV software update (if you don't mind?) :)
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    It's not mine so i don't know if it been updated if not i will and see what message i get.
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    What happens if you change your iTunes store (in settings) to US?

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    'Not Authorised' gets changed to 'Not Authorized' :D

    Hehe. Same thing!
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    Ok I have managed to sort it. :rolleyes:

    The AppleTV is the crappiest of Apple products for getting set up. In theory its simple but in reality its a pain in the ass. iPods and everything else are great.

    Anyhoo... it seems that the AppleTV decided it no longer wanted to show up in iTunes with me messing around with settings and stuff so I had to resync the thing. Then when it tried 'authorising with iTunes Store' it kept crashing iTunes and I would have to start again. So I unplugged it. Shouted at it. Plugged it back in, resync'd and on the 3rd attempt it worked. Now my US movies play ok.

    Syncing and set up are just a **** because it never works first time and when you think it has worked you walk back to your living room to find it hasnt and you have to go back to your Mac to try again. :mad:
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    Glad you got it sorted mate. Good Thing i have a MacBook then so i can be in the lounge with it LoL

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