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Clamshell iBook G3 366MHz - Max RAM?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Markleshark, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Just wondering what the maximum RAM that will work in a 366MHz G3 Clamshell iBook, it's not the model with Firewire. It only has the one bank, so I'm going to max it all out.

    Some places I've read say 512meg, others say 256meg. Thanks.
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    I'd guess 256 MB. It was a lot of RAM when that laptop was first released.

    Besides, the white G3 iBooks (say 600 MHz, 700 MHz, etc) had 2 RAM slots, with a 512 MB RAM soldered onto one slot. That means there was only 1 RAM slot available for the user to install his/her own RAM. I think the maximum amount of RAM that laptop could handle was 1024 MB of RAM (2 x 512 MB), meaning each of those RAM slots could only handle 512 MB of RAM.

    Since your machine is even older, the RAM slot would probably handle 256 MB.

    It's just a guess based on what I remember, so I may be wrong. ;)
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    According to this it's 288 or 320, depending on whether the non-removable base RAM is 32 or 64.

    Crucial seems to agree.
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    It'll handle up to 572 Mb. Check out OWC Website.
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    Lol. Still I'm not sure... :D
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    Apple officially said that only an extra 256 can be added, and that is why some of those websites say only 256. This was because at the time, no 512 sticks even existed! Once PC100 512 sticks of ram came out, people put them into the Clamshell (original model) and it worked fine!

    Just make sure you buy the right type, but yes, it will accept a 512 :)
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    PC133 SODIMM, yes?

    Shall get a 512 Stick. Thanks.
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    No, the PC133 will not work at all. You need a PC100 stick, the one below should work just fine as far as I know. I am also planning on buying this ram for an original clamshell. If for some weird reason it doesn't work, I guess a return is necessary...but from what I gather, this will work perfectly :)

    http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other World Computing/100SO512328L/

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