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Clan {Mac} Starcraft is now Clan {MR}

Discussion in 'Games' started by Durandal7, Jul 12, 2002.

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    The {Mac} starcraft clan is now officially Clan {MR}. The name change was brought about to avoid confusion between this clan and Clan mAc. The URL will remain the same. If you create a {MR} account please place [MR] at the end of your account name instead of [Mac]. Sorry about the inconvinience. Registered users need not worry since this is only a graphic change. I would guess that the Warcraft 3 clan will have to change names as well.
  2. job
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    Thanks man. I don't know if the {Mac}/{MR} Tactical-Ops clan is going to change since the other {mAc} clan does not have any Tactical-Ops players. I'll be sure to post if we decide to change too.

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    I'm interested in joining the Tactical Ops clan...I just haven't gotten around to downloading/installing it yet...I'll post something when I do.

  4. job
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    Sounds good. We are always looking for new members! :)

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