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Clan Macrumors in WC3? Where?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Tiauguinho, Jul 10, 2002.

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    Hello guys!

    Yesterday I bought WC3 and went home running to play with it! It's a wonderfull game and you guys were right! It's worth every cent of and Euro!

    I went to Battle.net and entered the gateways from US (West and East) and couldn't find you. I did find a Clan named MaC in the mac channel, but never did find anyone from our Clan. I went to channel Macrumors and it was always empty... Where are you? BTW, what's our signature?
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    Come on Hitman fill me in

    Im having the exact same problem supposedly our channel is macrumors but I am yet to see anyone there and I got the game on the 4th. I really would like to join officially instead of just by word but whatever. If nothing comes of this I'll just goto Clan-Mac.
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    IF you are looking for our channel it is channel- Macrumors . There are still alot of people who don't have the game yet, and I am only on for a few hours each day so I'm not in the channel much. Also when you go into a game your name disapeers from the channels list so you might just be missing one of us. Keep going to the channel!
    BTW if you want us to find you faster please tell us you B-Net name
    I am XDarkSniperX
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    I'm Tiauguinho

    see you there!
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    Said it before but it boosts my Post Count :rolleyes: so plain and simple it's spuncan
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    ditto.... chibianh

    quick question... are all the battle.net servers interconnected? Say, if I'm on the azeroth server (US East), then will I be able to see and play with people from US West and the other servers? most of my friends are on us east so I'm there often.
  7. job
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    Re: Come on Hitman fill me in

    I'm not really the one to talk to about the Warcraft 3 Macrumors clan. I think the one to talk to would be Macmaniac and he already posted here, so....

    Now if you want to join the {Mac} Tactical-Ops Clan, I can help.... :D :D
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    Clan Macrumors is on Azeroth Server US East. I will add you guys to my friends list so I can game with you, add me too!
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    that's because your in my clan channel :) and I think you guys should join us instead, we have around 10members with WC3 and we could maybe start a clan tourney when we get more members, and I think i should put bots in channel mac again.

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