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Clan {MR} Shadowbane (Come one come all)

Discussion in 'Games' started by spuncan, Oct 16, 2002.

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    During Q1 03' Wolf Pack Entertainment along with Ubi Soft will release Shadow bane the first major cross platform MMPORPG (this stands for massively multiplayer online role playing game). This gives Mac users worldwide to be part of an online community as big as everquest or maybe even the ultima series. So I propose we create a clan (or guild as they are called in shadowbane) that will start small as all will but hopefully become a great empire. Now this may be a bit far fetched but no matter what you will affect the world in some sort of way due to the games nature. Now because bigger is always better I ask that not only the gamers join but invite their friends and their friends so we can become prosperous early on.
    Now onto the details.
    - At first our clan (if this happens, which I surely hope it does) will be forced to be scattered among many different clans that will be made up of your individual class or race
    - Once enough of us exit the beginners’ clans we will join and start to build our first city around a current tree of life or one we plant our selves (the tree of life is where you respawn after death and the center of your town). This will be how I hope everything goes because if we are to weak or to strong at our start we will fail due to lack of resources either way.
    - Go to www.shadowbane.com for more detail they have pretty much everything you could ask for in their FAQ's or the forums.
    - Shadowbane will cost $40 for a cd then $10 a month (this is standard for MMPORPG's) you sign up for
    -Please leave your signature along with your Shadowbane name after your posts
    - I personally plan on being an Aracoix (a restricted race unless you buy the $10 prerelease available at CompUSA and many other stores) Ranger and hope to see you in game and in these forums.
    -THX to all those who show interest and join

    Piracin Accipitridae
    - {mr} spuncan
  2. job
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    I'd like to but I have neither the financial resources nor the time to spend on a new game.

    I would like to play Icewind Dale online with someone through Gameranger though..
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    Remember, Clan {MR} has a central portal site at http://www.clanmr.de.vu

    Let me know when you have a site up so I can a listing.
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    You do of course realize that the point of Clan {MR} is to have a Macrumors clan ,don't you? You do also of course realize that there is no such thing as a "normal" mac clan because the mac community is diverse, don't you? You do of course realize that there are many other mac-devoted clans then the one you post a link to, don't you?

    Can you see where I'm going with this? :rolleyes:
  6. job
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    In other, more blunt terms, Durandal's telling you to **** off... ;) :p
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    Heh, heh, yeah. :D

    I don't understand where the attitude that there is only one mac-based clan on the planet comes from. He seems to believe that all Mac users need to join that clan and that clan alone.
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    hmm no takers bah well i can easily live w/ out you all just though there would be at lease some interest. As 4 the join the normal clan {MAC} uh were seperate from u guys we agreed to use {MR} instead of {MAC} so bew happy and leave us hell alone unless is official clan junk. gaming which seems to have all but died cept 4 startcraft. Srry MacManiac but u and I both know WC3 basically colapsed (I still hope the tourney will happen though)

    BTW- Duran weren't u prt. of Clan Ecl. Im friends w/ guns thats why I ask.
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    Well, the clans have done badly because we have some odd version of a loose confederacy going. All the clans have complete autonomy and little binding between them (most don't even have websites and the ones that do don't have links to the others)

    I will be a launching a real central site soon that will be capable of housing functions of all the clans.

    Nope, never had an affiliation with Clan Ecl. God only knows how many Durandals are running around on the internet...
  10. job
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    Mass hordes of Rampant AIs on the loose! :eek: :eek: ;) :p
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    It may sound silly but is shadowbane already online?I mean no beta status!
    And if it is, is it available in Europe(Germany)?
    What kind of system will it need?

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