Discussion in 'Games' started by diorio, Nov 7, 2002.

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    Clanmacrumors needs more members. If you are interested in Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Tactical Ops, Marathon Resurrection, Shadowbane, or Elite force, please sign up. Here is the link. Clanmacrumors forums Post in the Enlistment forum and you will be updated on the Clan Roster that can be found here.Clan Roster.
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    Good luck for your TO squad especially ;)

    I hope we meet someday you {MR} and us 'm4k' (Mac 4 Killers which is a French Mac Gamerz Clan ;) )
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    Same with us [G5] Team G5, we dont play any of those games (Mostly FPS)... but perhaps someday ;)
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    what happen to this clan?
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    i'm interested, i play warcraft 3 but when i try to go to your room it says that the channel is restricted. and your link is dead, it won't work for me, i've been lookin for a decent clan for a while now.
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    Well, this thread is 3 years old, so there's a good chance this clan doesn't exist anymore. I didn't hear anything about them in the time I visit this site.
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    ha! Well spotted! '2002' in the 1st post's date! :)

    About Mac clans:

    I have just beed accepted to Team Apple (4x4 Evolution 2) :D
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    wtf why would you revive a post thats 3 years old :confused:
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    sorry i was looking for informantion for mac clans
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    No need to apologize, it wasn't you but Nonylus who revived this thread. And these things happen, so even Nonylus needn't feel bad. Everyone just has to have a look at the date from time to time. ;)
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    I play EVO 2 once in a while, and I'd like to have someone to play with... does Team Apple have a homepage? :cool:
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    Tactical Ops - Ventrilo Server


    Setup up this server for tac ops fans.

    Port 3868

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