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Clarendon, VA iPhone 4

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by ajsnow6234, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Looking to see anyone who might be picking up the iPhone at the Clarendon Apple store. Not my normal store, but I'll be in training in Ballston that week.
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    I'm going to be there, what time do you plan on showing up?
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    I'll be there too, but in the unreserved line, because I never received my confirmation e-mail even though I got through and reserved one. :(

    First time waiting at this store, any idea what time I should show up for an unreserved?
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    ill be there aswell i have a reservation though but i will still be coming before open just not sure what time yet.
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    I'll also be there (reserved line), and was thinking of showing up at 6am, possibly hanging out at the starbucks around the corner if there's no line at that time.
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    I plan on showing up about 8 hours in advance. Last year I was about 2 hours early. Once the store opened I had my phone in hand in about 90 minutes... With recent demand I think I need to be a lil' more eager... What do you guys think?
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    Clarendon VA

    I'll be setting up a tent at midnight. Tent is because rain is forecasted.
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    ok everyone post if they have a reservation or not and when they will be arriving.

    reservation for pick up iphone 4 16 gb

    will arrive between 4-6 am(subject to change)
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    I have a reservation and will go at 6 pm (yes: PM)
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    damnn luigi its people like you that make me nervous. lol
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    6 pm On the 24th! Not the day before.. By that time I don't think there should be much ppl around since it looks like everyone will be there early. Plus, I have it reserved so availability shouldn't be an issue
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    ahhh i see im no where near that patient haha but i dont work til 230pm so i can wait all morning at the apple store.
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    do you have a reservation? and can i share your tent with you hahah.
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    Yes i have a reservation and tent will already have 2 other people in it. Those two dont have reservations. I was told that apple will split the line (pre-orders and unlucky ones) .
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    agreed. Is coming at 10 pm early enough to be first ten? Nope, not to Luigi's standards... haha
    Will be waiting in line near beginning at 8pm-10pm-12am ish
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    OH. Never mind
    YES FIRST TEN STATUS hopefully..?! haha
    Mccarthon, you + me = fun times
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    hahah yeah man i was like damnn 6 pm. but now im thinking ill be leaving my house at about 3-4 am id say bringing a chair so i can sit down an relax. Now that pre orders are coming in early maybe it wont be terrible to activate so thats one good thing.
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    thats only for att stores man not apple stores. Apple will still have all their restervations and walk ins on june 24.
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    Gotcha, haha. Now I sort of feel like an idiot.
    SO EXCITED!!! :)
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    I'm probably going to stop by at noon. Does anyone know if the store will have screen protectors for sale that day (or already do)? I tried calling them but they never, and I mean NEVER pick up their damn phone. Worst store ever.
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    I will be there at 5:30am. I see a line's already started - started at noon or so.

    Anyone got pics that reveal the actual line? Thanks.

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    Blake, how'd you hear about the line in Clarendon? Hmm. For those of us with reservations, should be an easy or easier process. I swear this company is spiking it's Apple Juice. I'm addicted again.
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    How long is the line? Anyone know? I was planning on showing up around 4am. No reservation. Should I get there earlier?
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    I just drove by. Looks to be 15-20 deep. Hopefully the rate of new additions slows.

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