Classic 'delays'. Is it a fault, or a 'feature'?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Sesshi, Jun 3, 2009.

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    My Classic has been a pain in the butt ever since I bought it. Having had similar experiences with a previous Classic, I just took it as it came. But just in case it is a hardware issue, I thought I'd follow it up before the warranty expired.

    My problem is that the wheel frequently doesn't respond to input. So I can be scrubbing away for what seems like a couple of seconds before it actually notices.

    This - i.e. my post-5G experience - has completely killed the HDD iPod experience for me. These days mostly I use Smart Playlists and one of the flash machines (the Nano for example is a lot more "old-iPod" responsive) so it is not something I have to put up with that regularly.

    So. A demonstrable fault which you guys haven't encountered, or something that happens with all Classics?

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    every once in a while i get a little bit of lag. not several second lag though. maybe a second. does it have the latest firmware?
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    Yeah - maybe I'm exaggerating. It may be a second, maybe feels like more because it doesn't respond immediately like the nanos and the old iPods do.

    It's on the latest FW.
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    I have two classics both playing host to the same music library and one of them does indeed seem a bit slow to respond to wheel input changes; I agree with the OP and have sometimes wondered whether it is a (flawed) feature of the design.

    Cheers and good luck
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    Hmm I've got a 5G and a mini so I'm most used to the "old iPod" feeling. I was using my friend's Classic yesterday, just scrolling through pics, songs, artists etc and I didn't notice anything different in the click wheel's response times
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    The only flaw with my iPod classic is the incredible click wheel lag that sometimes pops up. Turning on from sleep it can take what feels like an eternity to actually register my thumb (about 5 seconds :p). I never had this problem with my 4th Gen iPod or my iPod nano so I don't know what's going on. You're not alone with this problem.
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    my understanding is that the reason for the lag is that the HDD in the ipods are pretty slow. the new ones lag sometimes because the OS is a lot more complex than the older ones. the snappiest ipod I own is my 2nd generation ipod classic. go figure.
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    This is definitely one of the major issues. Never had it with anything HDD-based before the Classic and is one of the big deal-killers.

    Mine is the 2nd generation Classic, BTW. I've had 2, 3, 4, 4p, 5, 6 (Classic 1) and 7th (Classic 2) generation HDD iPods. The Classics have been the first to definitively break the 'iPod immediacy experience', more so recently I feel.
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    The clickwheel on mine is definitely less responsive than I had on earlier iPods. In some ways it's better, with the older ones I always had to put the hold lock on to prevent accidental movements of the volume control.
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    This might explain some of the response differences between the classic and the nano:
    "The allure of Flash RAM has many facets. For starters, reading from Flash is faster than from a hard drive. The Classic can occasionally be forced to stutter if you start playing music and then immediately zip through menus or quickly pan through album artwork in Coverflow. That's because the display and music playback are both scrambling to read from the hard drive at once. This is not really a serious performance problem on the Classic, because once a song has played for a few seconds, it will read ahead enough music to prevent skipping. However, it signals one reason why Apple is leaning toward Flash."
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    I don't have a problem with it taking a few seconds to start playing a song. It was the same with my other Hard Drive based iPod, the 4th Gen. I don't really use Cover Flow so that doesn't matter, my problem is even on something as simple as a playlist or changing the volume on a song (and the song is already playing) it takes a good few seconds before my thumb is detected.
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    Oh, ok. Sorry- I misunderstood.

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