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Classic Ipod - Online purchase > store?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bc8109, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Hi all, so I recently lost my 5th gen. classic and made an impulse buy at the Online apple store. $263 after all was said and done. Free engraving included.

    For no particular reason I checked out iPod prices on Amazon a few hours later only to find I could buy one brand new for $221 (includes free shipping and tax free). I tried to cancel my apple order but it was already prepared for shipment.

    The iPod arrived today and is sealed in its packaging, so I'm wondering if I brought it into an Apple Store would I be able to get my money back even though it has an engraving? I can't imagine they would ever open it to find out nor would they be privy to such a fact. Thoughts?

    (Cool engraving btw. "Where words fail, music speaks.")
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    Personalized items are not eligible for return: Personalized iPods (e.g., engraved or customized in any way) may not be returned for refund or exchange under any circumstances unless such product is Dead on Arrival (see the section below for more detailed information on such Dead on Arrival products).

    From: http://store.apple.com/Catalog/US/Images/salespolicies.html
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    Yes, I understand this policy, however if the iPod is sealed in it's packaging, how would any Apple Store employee (brick/mortar) know that this particular iPod was engraved? Unless they're going to go through the hassle of opening the sealed packaging and then resealing it at a later time, they'll never know it was engraved and would probably put it right back in stock on the shelf, right? So my thinking is I would be able to get my $263 back (and save $40 via amazon.com).
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    When you try to process teh refund their computer will say ineligible for return
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    Ivan P

    This. They'll type in the serial number that's on the back of the box, and it will come up with all the details of the iPod, including the engraving.
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    Dang, alrighty. Thanks for the heads up. Is there any way one of the big box stores like Costco or even Best Buy/Target would accept such a return for cash? Or would I run into the same problem with the serial number?
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    Why not just be a man, take the $42 hit and put it down to experience. Next time you'll know to check prices BEFORE ordering.
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    Mostly because I'm stubborn as all hell! :p I mean even best buy was cheaper...it bugs me that apple charges such a premium; essentially $42 for an engraving. but you're right...time to man up and chalk it up to experience. Cheers.

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