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Cleaning iPod Wheel

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Mach D, Sep 28, 2004.

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    I have a 4g 40GB iPod and I noticed the wheel is getting dirty. How do you go about cleaning it without ruining it in some way?

    I ran a search for iPod Cleaning and didn't come up with anything.
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    the surface of the wheel? i would think a qtip and alcohol would work really well
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    Doesn't the wheel also serve as a touchpad? (Sorry, iPod-deprived soul here.)

    If that's the case, clean it the way you would any other touchpad. I use a lightly dampened (not dripping wet) paper towel. If for some reason that's not enough, I put a dot of soap on my finger, work in into the paper towel and clean the touchpad with that.

    Be careful what you use ... don't use Lysol, for example, or anything too abrasive.
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    i would use a lint-free cotton cloth rather than a paper towel just because the paper towel is so rough... it could make more scratches..

    good luck,
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    I just use a damp cloth - it gets off most dull marks on the click wheel.

    And if you have scratches on the plastic, I can't recommend Brasso Metal Polish enough - it's fantasic - I haven't got a single mark on the front of my iPod, even though I use the Apple case.

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