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cleaning ipod's remote?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by xcalibur, Sep 21, 2003.

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    i've been storing my ipod's remote away in a drawer and haven't used it before and when i took it out the other day i noticed something weird on it (looks like rust but it shouldn't be right?) Any advice on how i should clean it? Thanks in advance!
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    I know exactly what you mean, I have some on my remote too.

    I am going to try to clean it now, I should have a responce in 20 minutes..
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    Never tried to dismantle it before, but if you can take it apart, try some steel wool or an SOS pad.

    That may scratch it so beware.. I take no liability for it.
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    go to www.radtech.us
    find icecream, that is a perfect product for ipod
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    it will scratch it. steel wool will scratch almost anything.
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    Yeah, but it's already brushed aluminum, so if you go with the brushing grain, it should be okay.

    I guess it's up to them if they want to keep the rust or have a few scratches. That brings me to the next thing. What is in the Aluminum alloy used in the PB's, remotes, etc.? Must be some iron?
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    no, this has no Aluminum in it. Al doesn't rust. this is the iPod remote. it's high-polished steel, i guess prolly chromed or something. it's supposed to look like a mirror; mine does. obviously not stainless...

    as to the Al though, i wouldn't brush it with my own steel wool. there are bound to be inconsistencies in the grain of the steel wool and the Al that would ruin it.
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    I am pretty sure Aluminum does rust.. it doesn't look red like Iron rust does, but it still does oxidize... just my $.02
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    It's not rust per se. Rust is iron oxide while aluminum oxidizes and forms aluminum oxide. Still results in a poor look though, either way you look at it.

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    to clarify the aluminum debate: no, it doesn't rust (there's no Fe to make FeO3), yes it does oxidize, but apple powerbooks are "pre-oxidized," or anodized, something of an analogue to galvanization (though it's not zinc oxide). unless you scratch an albook to hell, it's not going to oxidize. and even if you do, it's a safe bet it won't be anything nearly so bad as rust on steel/iron.
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    I also have this. I just took mine out of the wrapping and I have the same. Anyone find something to clean this with?

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    I'm definitely not going down the steel wool road again. The dogs took part of my leg off on that one! Just kidding.. :)
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    You appear to be good at chemistry. What is with the Aluminum alloy then? The last time I had chemistry was 10 years ago, so I can't recall. Would this affect the problem they're seeing?

    And as for rust, I was repairing an old truck that had some rust and a body shop guy said that once rust starts you can't get rid of it. It is now in the atomic structure, so you can't remove it fully. I don't about the validity of that, but hey, isn't that what rumors are for?
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    we didn't take it off, per se, more like... scratched it off.

    as for cleaning your iPod remote, if you can take the faceplate off, and even if you can't, you might try Brasso or some other very very slightly abrasive cleaner. you will have to have an abrasive cleaner to get the rust off (otherwise, avoid using abrasives on your pretty toys).
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    is it possible to use mass produced cleaners? the ice creme one seems really pricy..plus i'm from the UK..not sure if i can get it here..
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    brasso is a metal polisher (cheap, your local target or discount store) that is a very fine abrasive, i use it on the iPod's face and back as a scratch remover-- but it could buff this out too. Just rub in with a q-tip or something, let it dry, and buff the dried brasso off... may take a couple of applications. Only problem is that it's a liquid, and it's difficult to buff liquid into spaces that tight (you don't want to buff the paint off the buttons). You may have to work around the edges, or trust that the brasso won't get deep inside the remote (the dried product will usually work it's way out of cracks in my experience)...

    you could always buy a new remote... you get a nice new set of headphones anyway :)

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    well, i guess that's a second vote on Brasso.
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    I recall my vote for using steel wool.. Instead I recommend 80-grit sandpaper. :D

    Just kidding.. PLEASE don't do that..

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