Cleaning out the parts box sale: Stuffs gotta go!

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    All price are PAYPAL only & include shipping via USPS Parcel Post or First class within in the lower 48. Will make better deals when you buy 3 or more items :p Just post here with questions/comments etc......

    Pix are here:

    1) Celeron CPU 1.2GHZ, 100mhz FSB, 256kb L2 @1.2ghz, 1.5v, 32.1W. Price $5.00

    2) Celeron CPU 466mhz, 66mhz FSB, 128k L2 @466mhz, 2.0v, 25.7w. Price $2.00

    And NO, I don't know about pins, sockets and so forth, so please don't ask. You can look up the details here:

    3) RAM:

    a) 1x MICRON PC2100 SODIMM, 128mb, DDR266, CL 2.5. PRICE: $7.00

    b) 1X TOSHIBA PC100 SODIMM, 128MB, CL 222. PRICE: $4.00

    c) 1x MICRON PC100 SDRAM, 128MB, CL 222, low density. PRICE: $4.00

    d) 1x CORSAIR PC133 SDRAM, 64MB. Price: $2.00

    e) 1x INFINEON PC2100 SODIMM 256MB, CL2.5. PRICE: $9.00

    4) 2x Hardrives:

    1x 10.2 GB, Seagate model #ST310212A. Has XP pro installed, also has Office XP pro on it. Price: $5.00. Take both for $8.00!

    1x Maxtor 10GB w/ XP Pro & Office XP Pro installed: Price $5.00. Buy all 3 for $12.00

    5) Lot of 7 fans + 1x 90mm & 1x 80mm metal grill cover. Nothing special, just the ones that came out of various Dell/HP/Gateway towers...... Get 'em all for $9.00

    a) 1x- 90 x 25mm 2 pin connector.
    b) 3x- 80 X 25mm. 1 w/Molex plug, 1 w/2&3 pin plug, 1 w/2 wires but no connector.
    c) 1x- 60 x 25mm, 2 wires no connector.
    d) 2x- 50 x 10mm. 1 w/molex connector + splitter. 1 w/3 pin connector

    6) 4x Heatsinks, all finned aluminum. Take em all for $9.00:

    1x- Intel Fan/Heatsink combo, 90 x 25mm w/ 80mm fan, twist-lock mounts & & 4-pin connector.
    1x- 60 x 60 x 25mm silver colored.
    1x- 50 x 50 x 25mm black.
    1x- 40 x 40 x 10mm bronze colored.

    7) 3x EIDE cables, all 80wire/40pin/2 drive connectors: $2.00 for all 3!

    1x- 12". 1x- 15". 1x- 18".

    8) 2x Molex splitter cables: $2.00 for both

    1x 10", 1 plug-to-2 plugs. 1x 8", 1 plug-to-1 plug + 4pin (floppy ?) power connector
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    Jun 9, 2008
    Received my cables in today's mail. Fast shipping and as described. Can highly recommend this seller!
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    mucho gracious drjj, hope they serve you well! :p

    ps.....I added that other sodimm FS!

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