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Cleaning/Whitening Shuffle Lanyard?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iWillard, Aug 7, 2005.

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    Had the shuffle for about 4 months, and by now the lanyard is...well... less than white... :eek:

    Anyone had any success with cleaning/washing their lanyard? I'd think washing it would work, but has anyone had experience? Bleach? Yes/No?
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    lanyard and such

    I don't know about cleaning the lanyard...I would guess that bleach works great. If you would be interested I have an unused lanyard that I could sell you (via ebay) if you were interested. I never used it and, sadly, I cant seem to find my suffle...must have gotten lost (stolen?) in the everyday...um, shuffle. But anyhow, if you are interested let me know. The idea of selling it came to my head as I read your post.
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    Just hand-wash the fupper with some washing powder and hot water. Worked for me.
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    In theory, bleach should work, though you're going to have to wash it well to make sure the smell goes away. I'd try laundry detergent first, see if that works.


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