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Clear Plastic film for iPod Touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by aussie_geek, Oct 1, 2007.

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    I am after some clear plastic film for my iPod to protect it. I have This to protect my ipod video.

    It is the back of the ipod I want to protect - from all the scratches. I can already see some now !!! :(:(:(

    Is there anything like this out for the touch yet??

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    Invisible shield.
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    I have used http://www.bestskinsever.com/servlet/StoreFront

    I got one for the iPhone for my week 36 iPt and cut it to fit more closely.

    I have ordered another one for my week 39, but I am getting the DIY sheet and cutting it to size. The home button hole may be hard to do.

    Best Skins Ever is the same as Invisible Shield, but less expensive. Looks like they have iPt available: http://www.shieldzone.com/ipods/
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    i still have the clear plastic covering over the screen that my ipod touch came in. does anyone know or has tried taking this cover off from the screen and placing it on the back? i would try this, but i am just afraid it would not stick to the silver back of the ipod. anyone havea reply?
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    dood, do not take it off. I took mines off and didn't like the sticky feel of the glass and tried to put it back on.... It didn't work...

    So yeah, the plastic curls up once u peel it and makes it pretty hard to put them back on.
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    alright thansk for the reply. my ipod touch works fine with the clear covering on it, but do you think if i take it off,the sensitivity will be better or anything of the sort? do you like your touch better when the covering was on, or do you like it better now?
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    pretty much the same. I liked it better with the cover on cause there were less finger prints. It was also easier to wipe the prints off. I'm waiting for my invisible shield to get here so i can cover it again...
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    yeah the plastic was way better. now i feel like my fingers are to moist and it makes the screen sticky. Im gonna wait until the pre-cut bestskinsever cover comes out for the ipod touch. till then im just gonna put it back in the box and wait.
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    The iPod touch has the same scratch-proof coating as the iPhone. If you've seen the arstechnica stress-test it's very impressive and holds up against keys and even a knife and being shaken around in a bag full of rocks! The screen is almost bullet proof, but will start to crack if you're throwing it at the floor and then walking on it.
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    Genghis Khan

    No coating required!!!


    don't worry about scratches...worry about it breaking if you drop it

    and people selling coatings for it should be sued for taking advantage of ignorant people

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