Climbing up the rankings!

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Falleron, Nov 9, 2002.

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    Ok, this is tough going! I have been folding for some time now. However, on average, I am only making up 1 position per week in the macrumors group! Its only going to get tougher as well! Oh well, I will get up there soon. I need more computers to run Folding for me!
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    Having a lab or two of computers at your disposal certainly doesn't hurt mc68k and I. ;)

    Speaking of rankings...we finally passed Team Raging Bull to take back 39th place. :D
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    Thats good to hear! However, we still need more computers within the group if we want to gain many more places.
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    i have refocused my efforts on folding. i dont have a lot to contribute, but every bit counts, right? good work, falleron.
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    Well, we (mc68k and I) should be getting a new eMac lab soon, which will add just over 30 machines to our list. :D
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    Re: Climbing up the rankings!

    I've noticed...congratulations! My G3 is afraid of being passed up soon. :)

    More computers do help. I just noticed that we had 109 computers returning results. This is 10 more than I saw yesterday and almost 20 more than the beginning of the week.
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    Re: Re: Climbing up the rankings!

    I think you are ok for some time! However, I have recently added a P4 to my account. I wish there was a program like Folding Control still available! I have a second processor not doing anything. It could be used some of the time (its needed other times). However, I know some people have produced scripts etc, but I dont want to mess around in the terminal much. Does anything exist? Folding Control was great + so easy.
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    I keep folding running consistently, I just joined the team recently and I've made it to no.69 in the team so far. I'm not really in it to "compete" but it is an added incentive:D
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    Okay guys. If you want help you got it just tell me what I need to know.

    I have a Dual/GHz/DDR should crank out the folding units quite nicely. What I need to know is how I can take advantage of the dual processors and how to install all the software to do it.
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    That would be great. Currently, to use both processors, you need to use the command line version and the terminal. I have some scripts and I'm working on documenting the process for those who are Terminal-phobic. If you consider yourself to be okay with the Terminal, I can help you get started quickly.


    Tiaguinho and I have been talking about doing something toward a folding control application. We cannot know how long this will take to achieve. I will be working on the back end and he will be working on the GUI part.

    Still, if you want to run the other processor to complete one, it's easy enough to change a shell script to stop prior to downloading another work unit. Yes, it's not a beautiful way to do it, but it's efficient.
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    I wouldn't consider myself terminal phobic. I am more then willing to use it when I have clear cut instructions. I haven't really taken the time to get a book or research using the terminal, but I do want to know more about how to use it.
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    I'm sure mc68k already told you this, but the command line version of 3.12 can run in multiple instances using the "-local" switch, regardless of what the documentation might say.

    I have two instances running on my dual GHz at work, each using about 100% CPU when my machine is idling. :D
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    It would be great if you could work up some instructions on how to do this.
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    Yessir. I've been running it that way for about 8 weeks or so.

    MacBandit: You'll have the instructions as soon as I can package them with the scripts.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I've been neglecting Folding. For some reason something happened that caused the script to process unit 0 - and it sat there for weeks doing nothing before I realized that it had crashed, I guess.

    Anyone else had this problem?

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    Yes, that machine will serve you and our team nicely. Thanks for the interest. :)

    My advice to you would be get folding on only one processor and wait for the people here to crank out something easy. If you really have the time and interest I or others here can personally get you going on DP. If you're not frenetic to have both going, just fold like it was a single processor computer for now. Every bit helps our team.

    Do you need more info on how to start a client folding on your machine?
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    I've had similar problems in the past where folding for all intents and purposes died on my machine. Just dump what you have and start over (that fixed it for me). Make sure you have the latest version also.

    Default folding support files are located in ~/Library/Folding@home. Delete this folder to start anew.
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    i would like to personally thank you for getting me motivated to rigorously fold.

    for those of you who don't know, when our team was in its infancy, buffsldr was the man to beat (no. 1) he still holds one of the top places among our team and is a great contributor.

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    I am up to 50th. :) Watch out people with scores in the 70's (there are quite a few that I have my sights on).
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    Over Achiever

    Hah. I'm folding on a 200 MHz machine and my main 550 MHz laptop computer and I'm up to #56...look out MacAztec! :D
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    Well, I'm barely safe but my G3 machine is slowly being devoured by faster machines already...even as its score approaches 100.
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    Over Achiever

    You know, you've been stuck at #50 for a while now...I'm nippin' at your heels at #51 ;) :D
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    Hmmm, you must have a good machine :

    51 Over_Achiever 60.54 17

    Oh well, I guess I better use my second processor to stay ahead of you. At the moment I am only folding on 1 processor + for only about 4 hours a day. I guess that I will have to put my tower into gear! :)
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    Over Achiever

    Nope. See my post above somewhere...I'm folding on a 200 MHz Pentium MMX :D
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    Sorry, I must be blind! Thats a little worrying, I have a Dual 1Ghz (does not run folding too much though). I will have to run my machine a bit more in order to stay ahead of you. How many points do you do on average a week? I just noticed you are getting a 1Ghz Tibook! I think you may be passing me soon!

    On a separate note, has anyone developed (or know of a program) like "Folding Control" for use on dual processor systems? I really want that sort of program, just dont want to mess around with the terminal.

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