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Clinton Portis = Idiot (Dog Fighting "It can't be too bad of a crime")

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by swiftaw, May 21, 2007.

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    Yet another bad acquisition by Dan "the Fan" Snyder. Portis should've stayed in Denver.
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    He says he knows some back road homes that have dog fighting arenas and invites the reporter to come and see. lol. "OK sure! Let's go! And I'll bring Officer Brady with me as well."
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    This was the most asinine thing I've heard in awhile. Well, all morning, and the day is long. Clinton Portis is a retard.
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    how is Cliton Portis retarted? He is just a product of his enviroment... No one ever told him it was wrong growing up, and his role models were doing it, so why would he think it's wrong? I'm not saying it's right, but common, retarted? maybe we should enforce this better, becuase it does happen a lot, and this might curb public perception of animal curelty
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    He's an adult living in a society where he has access to information that clearly states cruelty to animals is inhumane and illegal. He's not a f***ing two year old.
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    Because anyone with half a brain knows its illegal, not to mention cruel. If he had put in any thought into what he was about to say, he would of just shut his mouth. The guy is an idiot.
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    because we know these football players hang out at the library or the muesem or even on the internet, the out with the same group of people theve been with all there lives, encouraging them to still do the things they did when they were younger, so i can see how they would have no idea...
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    Oh, and if Wikipedia says it, it must be true!! :D

    "Clinton Earl Portis (born September 1, 1981 in Laurel, Mississippi) is an American football player who currently plays running back for the Washington Redskins of the NFL. Diagnosed at an early age with the IQ of a retarded poodle, he attended the University of Miami, called "Da U" by its players due to their inability to spell or pronounce either "University" or "Miami." His shockingly low IQ naturally has means he has an affinity for dog-fighting, due to being a worthless dog himself. An absolute worthless piece of crap, he encourages the activity as a "way of life", further proving that there is nothing in Mississippi, especially the people, worthy of sparing."

    (Wikipedia: Clinton Portis)
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    Henri Gaudier

    Cliton retarted - fabulous typo or nicely sneaky?

    As for the player - boo his every move on the pitch. I don't know how big the crowds are in that game but thousands of people booing the stupid wanker will get the message home.
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    I'm still shaking my head over this one.
    How the Redskins have not made a public statement is beyond me.
    I hope this retard gets the bite he deserves.
    Shame on him and his team.

    It is so sad that our culture of personality gives people like him, Mel Gibson etc the opportunity to spout their hatred and intollerance of others.

    Fire the idiot....he's over hyped as a player anyway.
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    Portis seemed to be playing to his audience in his comments (both the player beside him and the press) -- that's certainly one of the few ways to make sense of his later retraction which claimed he "doesn't condone dog fighting." It seems to me like a usual case of someone saying something stupid and not getting away with it. No different than most of us, except that we might have the common sense not to say such a thing to a reporter (or a bevy of reporters).

    What's harder to explain is how those posting in this thread can so easily condemn Portis while throwing around intolerant language. We may not be keen on Portis' position re: the treatment of animals, but dehumanizing Portis (along with an entire segment of society) doesn't do much to suggest our own tolerance, either.

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    Usually 50k+ for the good teams, so I figure the Falcons get about 25k per game. :D
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    I thought that he was just trying to defend a fellow athlete not realizing what he was actually saying. Not really promoting dog fighting. Of course money always seems to make people speak, listen to the backlash, then listen to their PR agent, before they think.

    Before I hated Wikipedia and took everything with a grain of salt. Now I'm a believer!!! :D :D :D

    That was great.
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    Henri Gaudier

    25,000 would do nicely. Do you have abusive chants like we do in football(Soccer)? Our matches are full of goading and disparaging remarks from the hilariously creative to the downright moronic and crude.
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    Henri Gaudier

    "Well ... (spits) ... it looks-a-likey we got someone here ... (wipes dribble from chin) who's intolerant of intolerance ..... come on boys .... lets git him!":)
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    :( Nope. Only big ugly shirtless (and quite often drunk) dudes with their chests painted.
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    Ah no.. Brady will be staying in NE, thank you very much. :)
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    The new commissioner is really going to have a fun time giving out all these new penalties.
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    Since when was Clinton Portis ever considered a role model?
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    I don't see what the big deal is. Some people just take animal "rights" too seriously.

    It may not be right, but its not horrible either.
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    What? Portis plays for the skins, not the falcons. Portis was talking about Mike Vick, who *does* play for the falcons.

    How a living American in 2007 could not know this I have no idea.

    Edit 1: I don't know what you mean about "good teams" either. The falcons went to the NFC championship only a few years ago, and a super bowl just a couple years before that. Granted they are not a premiere team, but they are certainly several notches above oakland, detroit, houston, etc.

    Edit 2: Yeah I have to add that in some parts of society there is nothing wrong with dogfighting. I mean, in some countries they eat dogs. We really have to put things into perspective here. Neither Portis nor Vick was actually engaged in this activity. Vick was unaware, and I think Portis's point was that if it's going on all over the place anyway, why are we blowing up Mike Vick for being tangentially related to it?
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    Henri Gaudier

    No soul baby! Absolutely no soul. If you can't despise that .. if you can't empathise with an animal being torn to pieces... then you're a sack of water and beans and little else.
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    You really got him where it hurts I bet.

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