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Clinton Township, MI (Partridge Creek)

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by Tycoonguy, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Same as always. Security said 5:00 I've already per ordered but I'll pull in to the parking lot around 3 - 3:30.
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    So they'll allow the line to form at 5 am? I'm leaving for a tournament later that afternoon, so I want to be in line ASAP so I can be all set before I leave.
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    Even though Partridge Creek is closer for me, I usually go to Somerset for these lines in case it rains or something. But I did do iPad at Partridge Creek and that wasn't bad. So I took a chance again this time on Partridge Creek and it looks like weather will be good again. Hopefully.
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    3:30 huh? I'll be there around 6. That should be early enough for me. I have mine reserved so I don't need to be too hasty. Its cool seeing people in my area on the forums though!:D
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    I would love to experience the excitement of the line, but I have to work so I pre-ordered. I'll get it when I get home. The funny part is my office is in Auburn Hills, walking distance from FedEx Lake Orion where the phone will be. :rolleyes:

    Have fun!
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    Ill be there at 6 am. Mine is reserved.
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    be there around 5:30- 6:00 and have mine reserved

    I wonder how big the lines will be?
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    Same question I have. I am not worried though. If I have to wait a while, Im cool. Ill bring my ipad with me and wait patiently. :)
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    I'll be there between 5-6. I'm not too sure when I'm gonna show up just yet. See everyone there.
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    What time will they open up in the morning?
    Does any one know if they will have any iphone 4's for folks with out preorder/reservations?
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    I came by the store around 2pm to try and get a bumper for my delivered phone. The line was wrapped around almost to the apple display on the other side of the building by the cinema. I didn't get a bumper.

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