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Clip Case for iPod Nano 7th Gen

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bduvinmac, Oct 13, 2012.

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    So, I picked up the new iPod Nano at the apple store the other day. Love it but I am definitely missing the clip for the ease of working out. Especially with the added bluetooth feature a clip seems like a must. Has anyone seen or heard of a case for the new ipod nano that has a clip on it?? hopefully if there is not one yet there will be soon!
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    I would instead encourage you to invest in some good Bluetooth headphones that are exercise friendly - like JayBird SB2s - you can then slip the nano in your pocket or on the machine in front of you - volume and track controls can be done on the SB2s - I think wearing the nano is only necessary if you are working with Wired Headphones.
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    I too would like a clip case, its the only way my new nano can replace my 6th gen. None of my running clothes have pockets. Even working out in the gym on the weight machines would would be a pain if you have to hold it all the time. I would end up laying it down and forgetting it.
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    I'm not sure what exercise clothes you wear but all of mine have pockets - there are plenty of options out there and the thinness and weight will make it disappear in a pocket - Bluetooth and having your body be free of constrictions that a clip or strap would have is a better solution - for me at least.
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    Yes I have to say that I wear mostly gym shorts and tanks, which none have pockets. In the winter I wear running tights and long sleeve shirts, which could have pockets, but the pockets would have to zip for me to be sure I wouldn't drop it. A clip hooked to my collar or the front strap of my sports bra works great for me. But we each use things differently. Maybe a removable clip? I'll just start looking for the smallest case I can find if I decide to keep the new nano. The bluetooth is the only reason I even decided to give it a try. So I guess the the answer will be which option I decide is best for me. Clip and no case but wires or case and no wires. Can't have everything, but sure wish I could!
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    Just found this case from macally, now the wait begins to see how long it takes for the case to be available. If you see anything else please post it here. I'm patiently waiting for a good case option and I am in the same boat as you!!!


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    Thanks. That one looks great!

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    Jessica Lares

    That Hard Candy one looks great!

    Incipio should have a few in the next few weeks.
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    That looks pretty good. I hope they make it as small as possible. I'm in for one, but think I'll wait to order until they say it available just incase someone comes up with one sooner.


    I like this one too! Please let us know if you get one. I'd love to know what your thoughts about it are.
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    I really like using the armband cases as they are so much easier to help listening to music when jogging (don't really get time to go the gym much these days) so it definitely helps.

    I found this one - http://www.lovecases.co.uk/cygnett-action-armband-for-ipod-nano-7g.html which I think attached around your wrist. I haven't used it because I'm not sure whether I'd like to attached a nano around my wrist whilst jogging but I noticed some more which have clips on the back which could be useful.

    http://www.lovecases.co.uk/ipod/ipod-nano-cases/7g.html - The Cygnett and Macally cases have the clips but again...not sure if this would be comfortable whilst jogging.

    Has anyone found something which they'd recommend? Preferably an armband and made from neoprene would be good.

    Thanks. :D
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    I heard a lot of good stuff about roo-case but decided to trythe MiniSuit Jazz case instead paid $2.15 with free shipping on Amazon. I ordered 4 of them because it is buy 3 get 1 free so i Pad $1.61 each.
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    That looks exactly like the roo-case...
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    I use the griffin carabiner case from apples website and I love it

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