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Clonaid still at it

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Durandal7, Jan 20, 2003.

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    Clonaid claims that another clone will be born in the next few days
    Will Clonaid become the ongoing joke of the decade?
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    I'm starting to get sick of hearing about them. It was good for a laugh, then two, when's the media coverage going to stop? i say they only write articles about them every 10 clone claims, saves us all time...


    I kind of wonder what their motive is here. They must realize that no one believes them, and that any press they get makes them look worse and worse... i just can't imagine the people that sit around, thinking "They laughed at us when we said we cloned baby number two, let's tell them we cloned a THIRD, that will make them believe"...

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    I find the whole situation hilarious. Every time they say they have another clone and it gets even more attention then the last time it gets even funnier. With the American media's reluctance to show actual news this has become a pastime for them :rolleyes:
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    It's time to put up or shut up.

    Give us the facts and the evidence to support them, or get your crazy @$$es off TV. Go back to your spaceship.
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    Sun Baked

    When I see a clone of Michael Jackson moonwalking across the stage, then I'll believe in the starship and line up for my Kool-Aid.
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    Hand in hand with it being Clonaid's responsibility to provide proof of their claims, it's the responsibility of journalists not to report such things until it can be confirmed that they're factual. We shouldn't have even heard about Clonaid yet.
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    So far it seems to be nothing but a hoax, waiting for some actual proof. Till they show proof, just keep quiet!
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    Its like be saying:
    Without giving ANY proof what so ever.

    I cloned a baby and then made a clone of the clone resulting in even more defects, YAY!
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    Shut up, i actually did this. i don't see why it's unbelieveable at all. I'm working on a 4 GHz model right now, i think by Apple's scoring it will run at about 8872364.1 megaflops...

    yeah :p

    hehe ;)

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