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Cloning the usb stick from apple.

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by goneeuro, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I read somewhere that the usb install stick can only be used once. Is this true and if it is, can i copy the stick to another usb stick so i can use it more than once. I bought the stick today at the apple store, I just want to use it on more than one machine.
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    I've not heard of any lock that prevents the USB stick from being used multiple times.

    Use the Disk Utility found in Applications>Utilities to clone the stick. Given the flimsy nature of it, I backed up the stick to a DMG (or ISO I forget) and have it on my NAS so I can retrieve it if I need to.
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    alright. thanks for the quick reply.
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    OK. sorry another question. How do i create a DMG copy of the USB stick with disk utility. I am not familiar enough with the mac operating system. Can some one give me a step by step to get this copied. I am gonna put a copy up on my server for safe keeping.
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    Im gonna bring this back to the top one more time. Can someone tell me how to clone this usb drive. I want to save a copy on the server for safe keeping incase i lose the stick. I am not that good with disk utility so a how to would help alot.
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    You Don't Need

    To clone the stick....Just use apples Lion Install app. You need a 1GB USB stick to do it.


    There are other third party apps, but I'd use Apple's own.
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    Plug in the USB stick, open Disk Utility, select the USB stick from the list on the left in Disk Utility (probably listed as the last item) and then finally click on File->New->Disk Image from "Mac OS X Install ESD" or whatever the USB stick is named in Disk Utility.

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