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Closed/Stealth ports using Shields Up program

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by SR45, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Might be a silly question, but I used the Shields Up program today to see what ports are open or not with Mountain Lion 10.8.4, its included firewall program set to Stealth, plus my brand new Airport Extreme ac version, and this below is what I'm getting. Anyone in the know thinks this is OK, or is the Shields Up Program not worth it. Most are closed and a few are Stealth. Thought they would all be Stealth

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    Did you read the whole page on Shields Up? All its showing you is what ports are open, closed or stealth on your network.

    It's a guide to help you determine how much you want to secure your network ports, or not.
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    Did read it, but kind of confused to the Stealth ports/closed ports thingy. Thought the closed ports would still be viewed by those trying to break in that they could try harder to get in. Not to up on this. A novice at best ;) My old PC had a simple software firewall and they all showed "Stealth"
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    Basically, the closed ports are responding to a ping request and if a hacker is probing your network, the closed ports confirm the existence of it. They're not going to break through a closed port though, so nothing to worry about.

    Stealth ports do not respond to ping requests and to the person initiating the ping, it will appear that the network doesn't exist.

    The ones you should concern yourself about are the open ports. Make sure any open ports are one you need open for any service you run.
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    Many thanks SandboxGeneral. Peace of mind :D

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