CNet Editors' take on Apple MacBook Pro (1.67Ghz)

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Nothing really new....just an opinion on the specs. Had my hopes up and everything :eek:
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    Probably a little bit early for a really indepth review. Except the mention of the IBM G4 processor in the old Power Book. I know someone else mentioned this previously on a similar review. It kind of discredits the reviewer when they can't get the name of the chip manufacturer right. :(

    Edit: On reading the article it is actually the same review that I posted last week from cnet's UK site so definitely nothing new there.
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    the user reviews are funny, especially the negative ones that completely negate the fact that you buy a mac for the OS not the brand, or the fact it's not ugly and 2" thick.
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    I keep seeing this as a complaint all over the place. Can you not decrease the brightness on the screen? If it's 60% brighter then the previous PowerBooks then decrease the brightness 60% and there you go. Where is the problem here?
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    Don't know about you but I am buying my first Mac for the OS, style, design, specs, AND brand. There isn't any one aspect that is a must have feature. It's the whole package, something that Apple is good at, that sold me. Previously it had everything but the specs. With that hole filled, IMHO Apple has a winner.
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    sorry came off wrong, the reasons to get a mac are that apple does not make crappy 2" thick ugly as sin laptops, though this is secondary to the OS, as for the brand that has no effect on me (i say that sitting in an apple t-shirt) if apple decided hey we want to call ourselves supermegacomputer corperation it wouldent phase me, branding does not effect my buying decisions and it shouldent effect yours.

    this does not change the fact that apple makes the best hardware with the best software.
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    I think I'll write a full review of the new Intel iMac I used at the Apple store the other day. That extensive experience and testing is sure to provide a valuable asset to the community. :rolleyes: :D
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    It seems as though the Dual Core might not be the drainer a lot of people are thinking it might be.

    Will Core Duo Notebooks Trade Battery Life For Quicker Response?

    Turns out that it may be the video components that cause the most damage. From the screen brightness (which you can turn down) to the load of the "video card" components. It would be nice if the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 had some kind of "SpeedStep technology" that CPU's use.

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