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CNet to Launch Indie Music Service

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Nov 26, 2003.

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    CNet announced that they would be launching a free service for independent musicians online.

    The news comes in the wake of CNet's acquisition of MP3.com.

    While the current MP3.com content will be cleared, CNet plans on relaunching a similar service next year with free storage space, uploads and downloads for artists. The new service is said to be modeled under their popular Downloads.com service, while MP3.com will be relaunched as a information service for digital music.

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    Wonder Boy

    sounds cool.
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    Sounds real cool :)

    No if they only allow high quality downloads :-/
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    This is what people hoped would happen when it was announced MP3.com would be scrapped.

    This could be a good thing. MP3.com had gotten to the point of near unusability. Browsing by genres had gotten almost pointless, as overly ambitious songwriters would label a song "experimental" if they used a 7th chord in it, or "metal" if they used a distorted electric guitar, etc.

    I like the idea of a site that anyone can make music and post it to. At the same time, I want browsing features that implement some quality control. Perhaps based on a user rating scale or something.

    And no more "we list popular artists in our database, and just show pictures of them, or stream (but no downloady!) one song!" crap. I go to MP3.com's page now and I see Linkin Park. And a gigantic ad for Rolling Stone, news on David Bowie, and a lot of other stuff that clearly misses the whole point of the website. CNet hopefully will learn from these mistakes and will not try to be an "all in one music portal".
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    I guess this explains why all of CNET's recent player reviews have been trashing the iPod.
  6. sXe
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    this is good. my friends and i have been worry about this for days on end now, and we have been trying to find alternative sources to use. but this is good news. now we can just wait a bit and then use the C|Net service, even thought it'll probably suck just as bad.
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    No big surprise here. CNet plans on starting a service. Therefore, they buy out the competition, dump its content, then launch their own service and junk the old domain name. At least this time, the domain name is too valuable to junk. So they're just going to point it to mostly useless information.
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    I know that the idea looks like computershopper. There is a guy insite macbitter who promotes macs.
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    re: Spades

    "However, a company representative said the revamped site would not compete with music download services such as Napster. Instead, the company plans to turn MP3.com into a source of information for digital music."
    -Earlier Announcement (Cnet.com, November 14, 2003)

    So I'm guessing from that statement they aren't going to compete against iTunes either, which in my opinion is good. Lets hope they just revamp the site and still allow artists to post their music online like they could in the past. I used to love the site, but I started getting tired of the lack of new content and in the past few weeks I've completely ignored it :-/
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    Ever check out IUMA? This is a good source for unsigned indie bands of all genres. Better than mp3.com ever was IMO.
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    iTunes is supposed to be getting good Indie bands on board. How much does it cost to get a track in the right format for uploading to iTunes?

    I'm just wondering, what is the advantage for an Indie band sending a good track to CNet for free distributuion rather than getting a good track on iTunes for sale?
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    I think that would be an awsome service. I am in a bunch of different bands that people wouldn't call mainstream. If we could get our music out there. MMM good stuff.
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    It would piss me off is someone just bought out my service and deleted my stuff without giving me option of storing it so I could put it back on.

    Sounds like iTunes Indi band program will be better because atleast then when you sell a song you get money for it. I hope they release that app for it so folks can turn their music in easier. I know they are suppose to be offering it to all small labels.
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    really free?

    Listing a program in Download.com used to be free but it's not anymore, so will it be really free to list mp3s in their new service? or will they allow if for a limited time and then ask for money?

    I don't really trust them...
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    Thank you for submitting your email. (...classified)
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    Throwing away content

    Why is c|net throwing out all that mp3.com content?

    Their new service is for indie bands, mp3.com was for indie bands. Obviously c|net wants to launch their music store with as much music as possible. So why not keep all the mp3.com bands and tracks and add their own stuff?

    There are some of us who like some of those groups hosted on mp3.com.
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    Better this than keeping all the content... Some bands won't want CNet to get their personal information :)

    Maybe they should ask first, to see if some want to stay, but it's quite a hassle, so this way no personal infomation is sold to CNet (which I'm glad for)
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    i hope CNET knows what they have

    I hope CNET understands how good the group of people they have inheritated from MP3.com IS. So far they have not done that great a job in communicating. I mean, most of the people at MP3.com are getting their information from sites like this. Thants not good. I am not sure why they would buy MP3.com if it not FOR the people. The management of MP3.com has a history of getting the most out of it's people by treating them right. Let's just hope that CNET does the same.
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    As someone who controls a band's content on MP3, I'm very interested in this topic. Today I received the following email. Does anyone know about AudioStreet.net? I'm a little concerned because none of their links work except the one to collect people's email, and they are planning on using MScrap .NET passport services.

    As you know, Mp3.com will be shutting down their service
    as of December 2nd 2003. If you are one of the many bands that depends
    on them for music hosting, this will most likely affect the way you get
    your music out to the masses on the web.

    I am contacting you to inform you of a new service that will serve as a
    DIRECT REPLACEMENT of Mp3.com. This new service is aimed to offer you,
    the original users of mp3.com, the same exact features and
    functionality you have become accustomed to. This will include free audio hosting,
    platinum membership plans, artist charts, artist promotion, mp3
    downloads, streaming music, and much more. We also have new features planned
    including a classifieds section, a pay-per-download service to sell your
    music, and a artist storefront to sell your merchandise.

    This new service is currently in the final stages of testing and will
    be launched in the first quarter of 2004. It is being built with the
    latest Microsoft .Net technology to insure that the new site is FAST &

    We are urging anyone that would like to be notified of the official
    launch to head on over to http://www.audiostreet.net and signup to receive
    our preview.

    We look forward to serving your Audio Hostings and Artist Needs.

    - AudioStreet.net

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    Re: AudioStreet.net?

    I heard somewhere that some group wants to save the music content from mp3.com, but I don't know if this is them.

    I keep meaning to go dig into the topic more. But I can't remember where I originally heard it. Part of me thiks it was on MacCentral, but then I also think it might have been a blurb on CNN, but I've also been on Slashdot some lately.
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    Okay, I found something, sort of.


    Not my origial source, but it came up on Google.

    I seemed to remember it being someone who was just going to host the content, not necessarily start a new music service, that's why the whole audiostreet.net thing didn't sound like what I'd heard.

    Audiostreet might be another interest trying to sign up all mp3.com's old artists before they make other plans to host their own music elsewhere, or donate it to Archive. I don't mean "donate". Well maybe I do. I don't have any information about how the music was to be accessable if hosted by Archive so the whole direction the individual was going in my his offer is beyond me.

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