CNN, Adult Swim, and Cartoon Network on iTunes

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    Apple announced today that they are continuing to aggressively license new video content for the iTunes Music Store.

    TBS and Apple announced that programming from CNN, Adult Swim and the Cartoon Network is now available for purchase from iTunes.

    Apple had recently added shows from E! and the WB to iTunes.

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    i LOVE adult swim.

    that's all.
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    Now bring them to Aus!!

    And bring back Seaquest DSV!!
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    gosh chundles, we're quick.
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    I love how they just keep adding more and more and more..

    What the hell is half this stuff anyway?
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    Adult Swim FTW :D
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    Wild Speculation:

    Could it be that Apple is so frequently announcing new video programming in preparation for a new video iPod that is closer than we think?
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    That, or all the US TV stations realise they can make a quick buck out of this caper.

    One guess which is more likely...
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    You silly goose, this is MacRumors, you're going about this all wrong. You know what this really means? PowerBook G5 at WWDC!
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    Core Trio

    I haven't purchased a single iTunes video since this all started.

    However, Aqua Teen Hunger Force might be just temping enough. That show is wonderful.
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    Next Tuesday? Really?!?! :D
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    Some of these things I would like to "own" and therefore don't mind paying $1.99 each. But other things I'd just like to watch once and don't feel it's worth paying $1.99. So how bout a subscription service in addition to the download-to-own model?
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    Good news everybody!

    Here's to hoping they put Venture Bros. Season 1 up!

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    Both CNN and Cartoon Network are Time Warner properties, so this is follow on from last week.

    I hope that more CN shows are added. There are plenty that don't get much airtime on CN or even Boomerang that someone would buy....

    I for one might pick me up some Dexter's Lab or Duck Dodgers.

    I for one hope that a new way of organizing the TV Show store is coming soon. They need to sort by genre and rating, etc....

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    i agree. just keep'em coming :)
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    Good news as always, but what about everyone anywhere else in the world? I would love to get some of the stuff in the iTMS, and im willing to pay but Im not given the option, please apple.. i beg you!
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    *cry* still no anime on it.

    But venture brothers kicks ass

    so does robot chicken
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    I can't believe that there is still no content for the UK :(
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    Yay for Adult Swim! And I like Apple being aggressive, they can't just stand on their heels and let other companies develop relationship for digital content.
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    I agree :(
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    The Oblongs

    They need to get The Oblongs on there.
    That show is hysterical...TBS airs it Sun. 2:00 am and 4:00 am.:D
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    This is great....Birdman, ATHF and the Venture Bros I'll be downloading...maybe inuyasha(when it comes out).

    Note: Oblongs show is on Adult Swim...Damn only three shows!?

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    baby duck monge

    I'm so happy about Venture Brothers. I haven't been able to see anything from the new season because I don't get the cartoon network here at the house. This will save me from having to resort to... more nefarious methods of getting my fix! :cool:
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    No kidding. However, Ghost in the Shell:SAC on iTMS would be a little too much for my brain. I might just pop an artery. Too much concentration of my favorite things.
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    Venture bros!!!

    They only have season 2 :(

    Well season 1 will hopefully come soon.

    I have only seen a few random ones but once they come out with season 1. awesome! :D

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