CNN/Money-Apple's new power plays: The G5 is the biggest th...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 3, 2003.

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    Users discovered the Titanium Powerbook had a lot of 'silver-painted plastic'?
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    Largest? No....

    The author obviously has not done his research. What about the Quadra 900/950... that may be comparable in size (and/or weight.) Also, the Apple Network Server 500/700 was much larger and weighed 64lbs.
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    The new G5 is heavy. Just look at those heat sinks. Anyone seen the new Macworld mag, the G5 is getting it's a** handed to it. I dont see where they got the world's fastest PC from.
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    They're claiming world's fastest desktop which may or may not be true, because at the time the 64bit PCs weren't shipping in volume. Now workstations are another matter, which is what a dual Xeon is classified as... Athlon64s, I don't know.

    Did Macworld run the tests with Panther installed? Hmm. I don't doubt the G5 isn't as fast as Apple claimed, but it's still pretty damn fast.

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