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'CNNMoney' Arrives in App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 6, 2009.

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    Macworld reports on CNNMoney [App Store, Free], a new iPhone application from CNN that offers a full range of business news, market coverage, and stock quotes.

    The complete list of features includes:

    CNNMoney is a joint service of CNN, Fortune and Money.

    Article Link: 'CNNMoney' Arrives in App Store
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    I hope this app is money... no pun intended.... ok, maybe a little intent there.

    In all seriousness, the market for a solid and complete business, market, and news app is still up in the air right now. I use:

    • NYTimes
    • WSJ
    • USA Today
    • Stocks app
    I wish there was just one app that did all of what these offer and just be one app. Maybe CNNMoney will do it for me.
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    What about an actual CNN app? What the hell is the hold up?
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    The Stocks app is probably the weakest of the ones you're using. Bloomberg is currently my favorite, though iStockManager, Mobile Pro, and Daily Finance are all top class, IMHO. All but Bloomberg feature real time quotes, and all are free!

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    Complete Business App

    I agree with VJL, definitely look into Bloomberg.
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    Looks like CNN Money just one-upped Yahoo Finance.
    I just downloaded this App and it's great. It's like the Yahoo Finance webpage. Too bad Yahoo Finance does not have an App. CNN wins for now.

    update: This is great. The more I play around with this App, the more I realize it's awesome.
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    Too bad most if not all "Financial News" is complete and utter garbage - not unlike TMZ or porn.

    (not that porn is *BAD* - but, well, um...you get my drift)
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    Do you really need a CNN app when you can just go to http://m.cnn.com with your iPhone web browser? :confused:
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    still would be nice to have a CCN app. you can go to http://cnnmoney.mlogic.mobi/ to probably get a lot of what is offered in cnnmoney app
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    all-in-all a respectable free app. i like it.
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    How does this compare to bloomberg? Better, different?
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    Bloomberg is mostly for quotes and graphical analysis. Bloomberg also has a long list of news stories that you have to scroll through.
    With CNN Money, it's like the Yahoo Finance homepage, in which it puts the main info all in front of your eyes at the same time; the headlines, the DOW, Nasdaq, and the quotes that you have chosen ahead of time.

    I use CNN Money when I want to know quickly what is going on. I use Bloomberg when I have "all day" to sit there and look at it.
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    for some reason, i'm finding that the start up time on the CNN Money app is a little long.. I have a 3G.. :confused:
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    The first time I opened the App, it took a really long time. The second time it was less, and oddly it seems to be less and less. It still takes longer than expected. I'm hoping they will fix this in a software update.
  15. njl
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    Ok, so it's not just me. :)

    I have noticed it with one of the TED apps, too... oh well, beggars can't be choosers for free apps. :D
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    I love the ETrade app, but then again I have an account with them.
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    The video feature is really cool. I like the videos on this App. The news stories are good too.

    A lot of brokerages have Apps now. I use the TD Ameritrade App, which is called iStockManager. I'm sure the ETrade App is really good also (maybe even better, but who knows unless someone on here has used both).
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  19. njl
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    CNN, Fortune and Money have given a good app for the business people in the financial sector. Good Work.

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