Coconut Battery: Age of your mac: 28 weeks???

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by disarticulate, Oct 14, 2011.

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    I just bought this Macbook Air a few days ago and Coconut battery says its age is 28 weeks. Is this just an error by the program, or what's going on here?
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    It can be an error, but it could also be, that the MBA rolled off the production line 28 weeks ago. Since then it has been a zombie and now you just revived it.

    Anyway, you can check with your serial number here:
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    There were a lot of reports like this when the 2011 MBA was released, probably indicates a lot of them were built back in Feb/Mar timeframe and shelved until the official release a few months later. Should be no big deal, although there is a time-dependent degradation of lithium batteries.
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    my mid 2011 has an age of 7 months according to coconut... :/
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    batteries are made somewhere else that sit in a warehouse until they're needed by the manufacturer.

    not a big deal, it's not going to be as new as the day you bought it.
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    or Coconut Battery is just reading something wrong.
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    coconutBattery was never updated for the new Apple serial number system.

    If you do a bit of Googling you can find the new system. Apple has done a good job of hiding it, but you can find it if you look.

    For example with the new system I can tell you my i7 was built in June, but according to coconutBattery it is 8 months old.
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    take cocconutbattery with a pinch of salt, it has been known to get things like this messed up at times :)
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    Battery ages are not measured and never displayed by coconutBattery; only the age of the Mac.
    This ^^^
    Exactly. Apple Tweaks Serial Number Format With New MacBook Pro
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    I have had my MBA for 12 days and it is listed as 2 weeks old.

    I doubt it is accurate considering I bought it at Best Buy.
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    See the post just before yours. Also, it doesn't matter whether you buy it from Best Buy or Apple and it doesn't matter how long you've had it.

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