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Coffee spilt on Powerbook. Any hope?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by sjjordan, Apr 30, 2004.

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    A friend of mine spilt some coffee on his 12" powerbook and it doesn't work now. Is there anything that can be done? He didn't take out the battery after the accident, which might not be good. Can it be cleaned and maybe resurrected?

    Any advise would be great! Thanks
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    the first thing i would do is remove the battery and power and leave it to dry. i have read before that it may be retrievable. what i know of electronics, the likes of the curcuit board can be washed in purified deionised water as the components are waterproof though obviously the likes of the screen, hard drive and screen wont be. however, im sure there will be somebody more knowledgable than me to answer your quiestion.
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    For situations like those, its best to remove the battery and let it dry completely like russed suggested.

    Personally, I have $2000 worth of SafeWare (www.safeware.com) computer insurance that will protect my laptop should a cup of coffee get a mind of its own. Its really great and covers theft, acidential damage, and a host of other things. Very handy indeed, and $2000 coverage only me $64 for the entire year with a $0 deductable.
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    i have a question about that

    if something does happen will they give you the $2000 or will they give you the amount of the current value of the machine?
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    As I understand it, they will pay for any repairs, up to $2000, and if it can't be repaired, I get a replacement.
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    how did you get $2000 in coverage for $64 on the site it quotes $120
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    I'm not sure how they figure out the quotes, but I'm guessing from the webpage it has to do with the state you are in and what type of user you are. In my case, I'm a college student from New York and the rate is $64.

    If I select Maryland from the list the rate jumps to $120. Go figure.

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