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Coke to Launch Music Service

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Dec 8, 2003.

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    Guardian Unlimited reports that Coke will be launching its own music download service in the UK.

    As previously reported, Pepsi and Apple are teamed up to give away 100 Million iTunes Music Store songs starting in February 2004.
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    my goodness, anyone heard of market saturation?? yeah, it's in the UK, but...

    :eek: :rolleyes: :confused:

    coke has absolutely no experience in doing this. (or anything technical...)

    it'll be interesting...
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    More future iTunes converts, ahoy!!!!!!!!!
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    This reminds me of during the internet bubble when everyone and their mother was opening or buying an internet portal. Of course, most of those ended up on f*ckedcompany.
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    Only if and when Apple realises the world outside the borders of the USA actually exists....
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    Join the party Coke. Just let me know where and how I can get free promotional song dowloads.
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    I'm wondering if the service will use WMA or AAC...
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    And just like everything Coke (speaking as an ex-Coke employee) I'm sure it'll suck donkey doo. If it's proprietary and/or whatever marketing smaltz they'll shovel like bile to the masses (not unlike their drinks) I'm sure it'll be bland, devoid of flavor, and will rot the teeth out of your head.

    Also I suggested a story but either the editors here don't like me or it was posted already and I miraculously didn't see it, which is that Earthlink too has gotten into the music download game too (go to earthlink.net to see for yourself, it's powered by musicmatch I found out). So basically it seems there's more companies in the music download biz now than NOT in it. Morons, all of them, except Apple iTunes of course.
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    Coke already has Coke Music in the US so this isn't a big deal. Also where does Coke Music get it's Music?? From AOL of course and where does AOL get it's music from? Why via iTunes Music Store of course.

    Will the UK Coke Music site work the same? Probably so and if this isn't an indication I don't know what is. iTunes Music Store for the UK in Jan.

    US site: cokemusic.com
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    Don't make me bust out "It's the Lawyers fault, not Apple" speech again...
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    Actually, this is nothing more than a Coke storefront for yet another instance of the Peter Gabriel-owned OD2 content/infrastructure service, like Freeserve, MSN et al.

    The good news for Apple zealots is it will be WMA only, and the bad news for everyone else is that it will be WMA only.
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    what's the point!?

    in Coke selling songs on the internet!? it's just plain stupid I think!

    I can understand apple and pepsi co-marketing their effort...but being a single player like coke with no previous e-business...and so forth...maybe they'll announce co-marketing with M$. then I would stop drinkin coke ;)
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    In the latest news-

    CNN, International House Of Pancakes and Boeing have all announced they too will enter the the new trend and launch their own online music services.
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    From the US pulls songs from:

    So yes, MyCoke Music gets it's songs via AOLMusic which in turn get them from iTunes Music Store.
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    That was really funny!!!:D
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    another bites the dust...

    According to some last news, the XXXXX.com site will launch a music service for its members, more details soon... :rolleyes:

    According to some reports, your mom, mine, his, her and their, are going to launch a music service...to be updated...

    :mad: , I could see a lot of crappy music stores in europe before apple, just because those will be regional and will sell sh*t to those who quality is not a factor...
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    Has anyone found the iTMS difficult to use (except for it not being located in other countries)?

    And trusted brand? Maybe for beverages, but for music???
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    A iTunes Music Store for Europe will probably be annouced in Jan..because I doubt Apple would let anyone get the lead on them.
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    ...which is odd itself because of the whole Pepsi marketing thing. Is Apple getting it stuff sold through the big two soda makers?
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    Cool! I love MP3s with my IHOP breakfast. Hope Boeing is allowing downloads while in-flight on their aircraft.

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    Hey why not? Most folks that buy coke music think it's from AOLMusic. Most don't even know AOLMusic is connected at the hip with iTunes Music Store.

    I guess in way AOLMusic is laundering iTunes Music as it's own to other businesses...because I don't believe CokeMusic.com is the only company they do business with.

    Overall Apple is just plain making a killing of the market in the US. I figure it will do the same when it launches overseas. By then they should have 500+ tracks by then.
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    Quote "Consumers have told us that downloading music is confusing and complicated and what they want is an easy, simple to use downloadable service from a trusted brand," said the company's marketing director, Julia Goldin."/quote

    This just seems weird...how many consumers are talking to a soda maker about MUSIC downloads? I mean it's not even logical.

    Go ITMS, now that's logical.
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    I was waiting for that but come on - SEVEN months! Jeez, you could buy a record company in less time than that.
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    is it just me or does all this just make you want to say, what the f#@k! if the whole itunes/aol/coke chain is true, then why wouldn't coke just dump the middle man and go directly to apple?

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