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Collaborative Features in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jun 9, 2006.

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    MacOSXRumors claims to have additional information on Apple's upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard revision.

    According to their sources, they claim that Leopard will incorporate collaborative tools to allow users to work on documents over the internet:

    Support for such collaborative features are expected to be built into a framework for developers, and Apple is expected to integrate these features into future versions of iWork and iCal. A release target for Leopard is said to be January 2007.

    The reliability of this information is uncertain. Previous claims of integrated virtualization into Leopard have not yet been substantiated.

    Very little solid information about Apple's next version of Mac OS X has been revealed. What is known at this point is that Apple plans on demoing Leopard at WWDC 2006 in August. Apple has also publicly stated that Leopard will incorporate the final version of Boot Camp which is currently in Beta.
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    I think Leopard with be an interesting release. Now that our OS is mature, Apple developers can let their creativity wander to come up with some really great stuff. We are going to love it. Vista is going to be so sorry.....
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    If they released such a feature, it would be SOO amazing. Me and a good friend of mine always work on a script together but he lives in Michigan while I live in California. Allowing us to do such a thing would bring us so close in terms of our work and progress and the ease of it
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    Isn't this all similar to all those windows live apps and what google is planning to bring out?
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    Yes, I don't think that this is one of the wow features of Leopard. As you point out, it is simply a must have so as not to stick out as a weakness when compared to Vista.

    That said, I bet that there are some wow features in Leopard that Vista will not offer. Built-in virtualization for other OS's would sure be a good start.
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    Is it retarded that Im more excited to see the new UI/Finder?
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    Nice they're building this in as a framework.

    SubEthaEdit already lets you do this. If they make it half as slick as that and available to any application then it'll be amazingly useful. The problem though is Microsoft probably still won't use it in Office as they suffer from 'Not Invented Here' syndrome and usually insist on reinventing the wheel.

    Still, it'll be a nice addition to iWork.
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    Application sharing existed in Windows for years now, be it through netmeeting or thorugh MSN messenger. I really don't see the advantage of this particular approach.
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    No. Office Live and the Google apps are online web based applications. What this sounds like is more like SubEthaEdit. It's more like if you mixed Word and iChat.

    See http://www.codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit/collaborate.html
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    Max on Macs

    Well with a bit of luck we'll have Numbers in iWork '07 anyawy. Excel and Messenger are the only Microsoft apps I ever use these days :)
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    No. That's different. That's more like Apple's Remote Desktop where the application runs on the remote machine but the client who doesn't have the application sees what's on the remote machine's display. There's only one person driving the remote application.

    If this is like SubEthaEdit, imagine 7 people all typing in a document, all of them running their own copy of SubEthaEdit at full speed with live updates and each user being able to edit the doc at any position in it.
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    interesting :rolleyes:
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    Another Post At Mac OS Rumors Says Leotard Won't Ship Til Next Summer '07

    Another Post At Mac OS Rumors Says Leotard Won't Ship Til Next Summer '07. That's quite a discrepancy. Wonder why? :confused: :eek:
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    MacOSRumors should be ignored.

    MacOSXRumors doesn't have a consistent track record, but at least I'm pretty confident they aren't simply making things up to drive traffic. I can't say the same for MacOSRumors.

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    Leotard Shipping January '07 Is A Good Thing

    Oh I see. Sorry. Missed the X. :eek:

    Glad to hear January '07 is shipping time. That's what I thought 'til I saw that wrong MacOSRumors note today. Thanks to Macinposh for the "t" in Leotard. He needed the "p". :D
  16. arn
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    MacRumors != MacOSRumors != MacOSXRumors

    read them carefully.

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    I think may be you should have some rest Multi. What time is it? Do you ever sleep BTW. Its not very good to stay awake all night for your health.:D .

    Anyways, i like the idea and cant wait till August to find out what Leopard really has in store. And I really hope Leopard is out before vista(shouldnt really be a difficult task considering M$`s track record).
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    that is a very great idea. It's kinda weird at the same time to think that someone is working on a document that looks like it's on your computer. Would they have a separate mouse to point stuff out or what? :confused:
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    Great, I can't wait till WWDC...:D
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    Anyway, this feature seems pretty neat, although I'm not sure if it will have any practical application for me.
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    I think it is great Apple is ramping up development and release of there upgrade, and has time goes by adding features, Microsoft on the other hand has delayed release (several times), and dropped key features.

    Another brave feature met its end today

    "Microsoft has dropped a feature from Windows Vista that would have allowed people running the new operating system to keep data synchronized among multiple PCs."

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    Yea! More ranting...

    ...On Apple stealing another idea from a third party developer and making it part of the OS.
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    That was one of the few reasons left I was going to upgrade this Laptop to Vista!:mad:
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    2001 has been on the phone. Apparently MS also want their features back.

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