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College Football

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by job, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. job
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    Hehe..I just watched the Ohio St. - Illinois game..

    First time they have gone 12-0.. :D

    Next up: Michigan.

    I sure hope OSU makes it to the Fiesta Bowl.
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    College Football is the real thing, playing for the love of the game. After all it is just a game, meant to be fun, & sportsmanship. Learn to work as a team, will be helpful is life. I'm a Buckeye, go Ohio State. My Father-in-law graduated from Ohio State Medical School. :)
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    Over Achiever

    Isn't the Rose Bowl the national championship game? Otherwise top big-10 team (ohio state or iowa) will be in the rose bowl...

    I'll be optimisic and say Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, Iowa in the Rose Bowl, and my slumping Gophers in some dot.com bowl :(

    (sorry, I will not predict where my rivals will go...:p)
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    Nope, Rose Bowl was last year. It's nice that OSU is still unbeaten, it makes this great rivalry even better. I'm gonna have to root for (the very overrated) UM, but either way it should be a great game.
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    I'm for UT, but that's mainly because my older brother goes there, and I plan to go there next year...

    Texas A&M sux, and Texas Tech blows hard...
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    University of Washington all the way! :D
    Well.. maybe not.. :rolleyes:
    Too bad we aren't any good this year. :(
  7. job
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    Anyone think we will see OSU and Miami in the Fiesta Bowl?

    I'd like to see OSU go, but I'll hold off until the game this weekend.

    I also saw the Texas Tech v.s. UT game...ouch, that sucks for all the UT fans out there...
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    You can speculate all you want, but OSU isn't going to play for the national championship. Michigan owns OSU, and loves nothing more than ruining OSU's perfect seasons.
  9. job
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    I can dream can't I? ;) :p

    And hey, OSU beat Michigan last year with a weaker team...
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    college football is over rated.

  11. job
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    Colombus. 14-9. OSU. 13-0. Hell yeah. :p

    kross: yeah, college football is kinda overrated. but the nfl is even more. ;) :D
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    I can still dream that OSU will win that National Championship, my father-in-law would be pleased!

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