Colorware PC now offering custom painted 15" MBPs

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 28, 2006.

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    Link: Colorware PC now offering custom painted 15" MBPs
    Description:: Colorware PC, a famous company that repaints many of Apple's computers and iPods in shiny colors, now offers the 15" MacBook Pro as a laptop that can be painted. Prices start at $2,449 for the 1.83 GHz version and $2,949 for the 2.0 GHz version.

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    Very, very, very nice but I couldn't justify the price increase for a new colour
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    doesn't any but these. I never seem them around..
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    Glittering Hot Pink iBook successor, weighing less than 3.5 lbs with built-in optical drive and iSight, why can't you be mine? Preferably with some sort of gratuitous applique of rhinestones or other bling. :eek:
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    I am also curious as to how many colorized computers they sell. However, I have seen some iPods that looked great in color combos.
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    gotta admit that black one does look sweet. but it'd probably be better in an iBook enclosure.
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    I can understand why one might want a painted iPod or iBook, but it's beyond me why anyone would want to paint over the beautiful brushed aluminum.
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    In addition to the color, they also clear coat it. It's a scratch and stain resistant finish, so you're adding protection to the exterior. I liken it to getting an optional paint color and paint sealer when you buy a car. It adds some value and helps protect your investment. Given how long most Mac owner keep their machines, it really isn't that bad a price, especially if it enhances the resale value. Anyway, I'm considering it when I replace my then-to-be 4 year old TiBook this fall. I'm getting a bit tired of everything being silver/gray colored or white.
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    I think the colors look great--but they're not really offering protection. Not unless you can get the paint off when damaged, and reveal your aluminum again. Otherwise you're just damaging paint instead of damaging aluminum (and anodized aluminum is harder to damage than a clear coat anyway). And non-easily-removable paint IS a kind of damage, if the goal is to protect your machine's own finish.

    You're only protecting something in a philosophical "if a tree falls on a mime" sense :)
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    I always liked the look of the black and red ones, but I can't do that. If my PB falls victim to the whole palm rest spotting thing then i would probably do it.
    I am still waiting for them to do the dell 2005fpw lcds. They said they're gearing up to do that.
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    I like it, but what about the warranty? If you took a red MBP to the Genius Bar they'd probably send you the other way without a word!

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