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Colour Samsung Yepp beats Ipod too it..

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by JLS, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. JLS
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    20GB Mp3 Player, same form factor as iPod.. with a colour screen.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Any links to specs?

    Does it interface with digital cameras and display photos, etc.

    One thing the iPod has that this doesn't is brand recognition.

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    it certainly seems nice, but it's not an ipod...and that makes a HUGE difference to a lot of people. status, remember status!
  4. JLS
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    The only specs avaliable at the moment are that it has a 65,000 color LCD, the hard drive is 1.8" size and the 20GB device is 'motion JPEG compatible'.

    I will post any other specs as I find them.
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    Is it just me or does anybody have a problem with Samsung generally?

    Don't they make the crappiest consumer stuff out there?

    In London, people often toss their old TVs/microwaves/videos out on the street. Invariably, at least half of them will be Samsungs...
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    Who cares, it can never touch the iPod UI. It will only take time before we see an Apple color iPod.
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    Why does everyone want a color screen iPod? All it will do is bring down battery life...and photo viewing on a new 60 gig model (rumored)? What kind of pics can you actually view on that small of a screen?
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    Colour is the future...you can do more with colour.

    Well they just got new batteries so it shouldn't suffer too much...and oled might fix that.

    What kind of pics do you view on the back of your camera now...1.5 or 1.8 inch screen for reviewing...no real diff.

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    I can?

    What more can I do with color? And I have my camera to review pics...
  11. 7on
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    Hmmm, but Apple's LCDs come from Samsung!!!

    *head explodes*

    I like the iPod because I can keep my library on another computer and travel with my powerbook and plug it in and see my library on the iPod. File hierarchies are soooooo last millennium ;P
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    Ok, colour can be used for a bunch of music stuff - album art, equilizers, themes/artists by colour, etc

    As for camera, why waste you camera battery (which I hazard to say is much less than even a colour ipods is) reviewing images when you can do it on an ipod which in theory should be a much easier device to cycle through shots, zoom etc...plus this is all your photos when your away from your computer (holiday etc) not just whats on the card. Rate your photos as you go on your ipod and when weeks later you synch with your home machine you can get the highlights list - ditto for people you run into on the trip who want to see stuff you shot - star system quickly allows highlights...

    I am sure with a little more thought many other cool ideas will come to mind for colour.
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    Dr. Dastardly

    Can't the gui remain colorless while the color is just activated when viewing photos or something?
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    AFAIK, color LCDs will use the same amount of battery whether they are displaying black and white or color. It has to do with the backlight.
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    yeah, I get that, but it would seem that the backlight would be used more often in order to actually see the color. I just don't see why the iPod doesn't just stay simple, i.e. make it smaller, better battery life, etc.
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    Only thing I would really like to see if Apple team up with some other camera companies to make data cables. I would love to take some pictures on my Elph and then use a cable between it and the firewire on the iPod and drop all my pictures on it. This would all me to take tons of pictures without purchasing expensive memory cards, it would be fast, and it would eliminate the need for me to take my PowerBook for picture dumping on future trips. I know we have the Belkin device, but my way would just require one last thing.

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    Since the current iPods are black & white, I would like to see Apple use chloric (sp?) or zero power LCDs to save power.
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    Does your mobile phone have a colour screen? Does a mobile need a colour screen? Doh!! :rolleyes:

    The player itself doesn't look bad, and it appears easy to navigate, but seeing as how the screen is colour, they're probably going to try and spruce things up with a new type of UI for mp3 players that shows it off a bit. The menu system, like the one on the iPod and on earlier mobile phones was so much simpler, but I'm going to guess that this player will try something fancy and make it more difficult to use.

    Even if the iPod were to get a colour screen, they'd probably need an ingenious way to make their UI take advantage of this new capability while keeping it easy to use.
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    Mine does ... and I could care less. Its got a camera too. Its as useful as a screen door in a submarine. But the Bluetooth & iSync are worth it
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    I've got two cell phones, one has a color screen, one doesn't. The color screen relies on icons to denote categories (such as settings, sounds, etc.), the black and white uses text. The black and white is a helluva lot easier to navigate because I don't have to guess what the icons are. I see that color screens seem to rely heavier on spiffy icons just because they can, rendering the nifty color scheme rather useless to me.
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    um, that has nothing to do with color. It has to do with the crappy UI on the color phone. the color screen doesnt make you use icons...

    Honestly, If apple can incorporate a nice color GUI that is just as easy...it will make it that much further away from competition. They have already nearly perfected the art of smallness,ease-of-use, and all they need to do now is battery and color (with video-out) of course

    And whoever says the 2 inch screen is useless, is wrong. If you are watching videos, it is bad. But for viewing pictures? It is the sweet spot.
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    NO ****? The color screen doesn't require icons? I said it SEEMS to, because designers SEEM to want to get cute with icons when they have pretty colors to create with.
    2" is a sweet spot for viewing pics? Uh....
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    But iTunes on my Mac with a color display is very simple to use. So what makes you think the same company will create a complicated UI on a more portable solution just because it starts using color? It's Apple, after all.
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    Yeah Apple love colour...just look at all their iTunes / iPod advertising. That latest U2 clip is a good example of a clip that would work well on a small screen...
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    I can just see the color ipod commercial, it will be like a normal one, but then it will zoom out with the commercial playing on the ipod screen. Bad ass!!

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