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Coloured Bar

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by ®îçhå®?, May 5, 2006.

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    The reason that i have set this thread up is partly so that i can find out how to colour the bar in finder windows but in tiger and so you can show what colour yours is.
    I'll start with this one (found elsewhere on the site).

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    Wait, say what? Which bar are you talking about colouring?
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    the sidebar, it's blue.
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    Oh. :eek:

    Never mind then, its been awhile since I've used one so ignore me. Bah.
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    yeah i would really appreciate knowing how to do that. as i'd like to have all my windows have a different color background than white, but then the sidebar is off and its totally annoying.
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    It has a hack to do it but it does not work in Tiger
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    Mine is white....
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    anyone have a clue how to do this?
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    It says in that article above that it only works with 1.3.5 so not tiger
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    says that it may break with updates, still... it can be tried out to see if it works in Tiger. i'm not at home and haven't had a chance to play around with it myself, but it should still work i would think... unless you've tried it already?
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    I've not tried it already but i am no good with these things. It would not surprise me if i get it wrong. I'll ATEMPT it now though
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    I don't even have a CoreServices folder!!
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    Slightly off topic:

    Nice avatar you got there Dis!!!
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    Yeah, the hack that was posted here seems to have been broken with Tiger. However, it is still achievable through ShapeShifter. I modified the SS theme "One," to colorize my sidebar blue.


    It takes a couple of ShapeShifter's free programs, and a quick scan through the theme to do so, but it can be done in a few minutes. The problem is that it only applies to ShapeShifter, which is a controversial program in the first place. What with the potential for system instability and all that...

    Anyway, I believe you need Unsanity's GUIkitty to unpack the theme. And then use ThemePark to edit and repackage the new theme.

    EDIT: Wanted to give a bit more info on this, as I finally got around to reconstructing the steps for myself. If you want to go the ShapeShifter route, which is about the only solution I know of for Tiger, download the aforementioned applications.

    Open the theme you wish to modify in GUIkitty to decompile it and then open the decompiled theme in ThemePark; here there are various settings -- look for Global Elements -> Text Color -> Sidebar Background. Note that you can also change the default bgcolor of lists/column views, as well. Repackage it and open with ShapeShifter.

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