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Combination HDMI/Component Audio hook-up?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Hulk3, Apr 1, 2007.

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    I cancelled my AppleTV order awaiting an answer to this question which couldn't be answered by the Apple tech rep a few weeks ago. Perhaps some one of you can answer it now that you've had some experience with the box.

    Can I use a combination of HDMI cable and Component Audio cable to hook up an AppleTV?

    I have no more Component Video jacks available on my TV, but there is an unused HDMI jack. I want the sound to go through my surround system for whatever enhanced sound I can get, albeit not 5.1. Therefore, I'm thinking of using the HDMI for video only (turning the volume control down low on the TV) and concurrently receiving sound by plugging into the unused VCR jack on the Receiver with Component Audio cable. Will this work?
  2. KDR
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    Yes. I am using HDMI, Optical and composite (red/white) simultaneously. HMDI to the tv, Optical to the family room receiver, and composite to a second amp that powers our outdoor speakers.
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    So I guess then, you could run two audio-outs from Apple TV to separate sources? That's what it sounds like, but I just want to confirm.
  4. KDR
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    Yes. Based on my setup, technically 3 (tv and 2 different receivers). I suppose you could run 3 amps/receivers if you had one with hdmi.
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    Newest Receivers Include HDMI i/o Ports.

    Yes, the newest receivers have HDMI i/o ports that would channel the digital audio from the HDMI imput to the Dolby Digital decoder while passing through the video on to the HDTV. Very cool. Thanks for your field report KDR. Good to know all three work at once.
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    I use HDMI and optical at the same time with no problems.
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    I wish I could cite the source, but I read that all of the audio outs on the :apple:TV are live all the time -- you can connect to any of them, or any combination of them. You should have no problem using HDMI for the video signal only then porting either the two-channel analog audio (RCA) or the optical audio to another device.
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    Thanks folks.

    That answers my question nicely.
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    no such thing as component audio. only white and red, coaxial, or optical.
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    I think he meant Stereo RCA.
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    so do i. just removing any confusion.
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    Everyone has been correct. I have HDMI video/audio feed to the TV as well as optical to my A/V receiver. I also have the analog audio l/r connected for my klipsche audio system that is in the other room and it works simultaneously with the hdmi and optical audio. Despite the lack of DVR abilities, etc, it's still a pretty sweet unit. It makes things easy, and it allows me to stream from all my other systems in the house over the network without problem.
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    To natemaster and Avatar 72

    Geez... What technical techies. You see, i'm just a regular person.
    I meant the double cable with the two thingies on the end, one white and one red.

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